The suspicion of NCT Dream plagiarizing TXT has been quietly buried

It appeared first among overseas fans, and then SM quietly added the composer’s name to the credit, as if plagiarism was acknowledged

So if you scroll down to all the songs that Slow Rabbit composed, you’ll suddenly find NCT Dreamㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

1. Hul, I didn’t know this

2. I was curious so I searched for it, is this it?

3. Well, it was quietly buried, if TXT had plagiarized NCT Dream, it would have been a mess

4. SM always plagiarize

5. What?? I didn’t know it

6. Wow, I didn’t know

7. Wow, they really buried it quietly

8. Hul I only knew after reading this postㅋㅋㅋ..

9. When I searched for it, Supreme Boy was also in the composing team

10. Which song did NCT Dream plagiarize…?????? This is my first time hearing about it

11. Crazy… I really didn’t know…

12. SM is always like that

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I can imagine in their Kakao era, every bad post will be buried as fast as possible lmaoo
They will use mediaplay stronger than now


this is one of the biggest advantage if kakao holds the biggest share and people refuse to see this, no wonder sm wants them so bad compare to hybe


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bts army7263

sm copied txt bc they wanted nct to have some good music


It’s the other way around dear.


nct has the worst garbage noise music
txt better


Not even you believe this 😭

Water Is Not Wet

No way you’re saying that LOL

bts army7263

watch them try to deny it when there’s proof…

dot com bubble

They’d be dumb to deny it cause SM already put Slow Rabbit and Supreme Boi in the credits for the song after fans noticed. Trash company.

WhatsThe Point

3. Well, it was quietly buried, if TXT had plagiarized NCT Dream, it would have been a mess

True true, sm and it’s stans wouldn’t shut up abt it.


‘Quietly buried’…I mean, SM gave credit after being called out, and Hybe didn’t pursue any further action…so what else do you expect, other than that people moved on from it?

And from what I remember, they definitely did get dragged for it, like SM usually do when they plagiarise something. Sure, SM stans are loud and crazy, but that applies to all company stans. Let’s not pretend like other company stans are angels or something.

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ssshh sm stan youre noisy


LMAO I’m not a company stan, but really, what else were people expecting in this situation?


This issue wasn’t big that’s why most of the people are just finding this out now. Sm needs to get dragged more so be thankful that their artists are irrelevant so people don’t want to waste their energy on them


‘most of the people are just finding this out now’ um…this issue blew up over a year ago…there were literally viral posts and tweets about this. I’m sure they’re still up. And like I said, it wasn’t ‘big’ because they credited the composers publicly and that was that.

I don’t care if SM gets dragged or not, but if their artists are so irrelevant, then why were people wasting their breath on them back then? And why y’all still doing it now? Make it make sense. No one hates and seethes over nugu groups, you know.

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My guess is that this is being brought up bc of SM’s recent plagiarism scandal with the technology they copied to use on part of an NCT exhibition, which later got altered bc the patent holders started taking legal actions against them.

I’m surprised pannkpop didn’t translate an article, but pannchoa did.


Hmm yeah that makes sense. Felt like déjà vu because this was a hot topic back in 2021. The funny thing is that they got called out AFTER someone noticed Hybe producers names under the credits LMAO.


SM pulling an SM


Sm always got away with plagiarism


😂😂😂 so then what’s the problem with the hybe ownership? Is it more fun stealing from hybe than actually receiving much needed help with their outdated flop music at SM?


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Half of those songs were composed and arranged by Beomgyu and HueningKai but there’s no credit given 😭


SM is notorious for foing this and have done this for YEARS

seungri is free

228 nugus + 47 subunits + music like sound from ass = nct 🙂


tell me you don’t know a group without actually telling me you don’t know a group…

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If a Hybe artist did this it would’ve been a witch hunt bc SM Stans are an actual cult 😭

Water Is Not Wet

True, God forbid a HYBE artist did that, it would’ve been WW3


Crazy how its the SM stans crying about hybe artists “plagiarism” when.. lol


Yeah they add the producer quietly and never made any statements it’s so fishy 💀💀

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