The Thai fans are outraged “K-pop concert tickets are too expensive”

The Thai fans are outraged… “K-pop concert tickets are too expensive”

In Thailand, the center of the Korean wave in Southeast Asia, fans are complaining that the prices of K-pop concerts have risen too high. Some fans even complained to the Consumer Protection Agency that the ticket prices were too high

According to local media MGR Online on the 3rd, the average price of K-pop concert tickets sold in Thailand this year is around 5270 baht (208,000 won), 17.9% higher than 4470 baht (176,000 won) in 2019, before Corona. Compared to the average price of 3,302 baht (130,000 won) in 2013, 10 years ago, this is 59.6% higher

The VIP ticket price for BLACKPINK’s concert held on the 27th and 28th at Rajamangala National Stadium, Thailand’s largest concert hall, is 14,800 baht (583,000 won)

Some fans knocked on the door of the Thai Consumer Protection Agency due to the burden of the concert price. Stray Kids’ fanclub, who performed in Bangkok in February of this year, filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency last October. The highest ticket price for this concert is 8,500 baht (335,000 won)

1. Hul… 580,000 won is crazy

2. I always thought that concert tickets in Southeast Asia were so expensive, so I wondered if they could afford it compared to their salary

3. It’s expensive, I heard that the monthly salary in that country is less than 1 million won

4. Don’t hold concerts overseas, just hold concerts in Korea

5. Other foreign artists have the same price for the concert, but why are they only complaining about K-Pop?

6. Why are they just grabbing K-pop’s hair and making a fuss?

7. It’s sad that only rich people go to concerts in Thailand

8. All other events in Thailand are expensive, so what’s the problem?? Anyway, Thailand also has a huge gap between rich and poor, anyway, only people with money can go

9. 580,000 won..?? Is there any other benefit since this is VIP ticket?

10. I heard that the average monthly salary of university graduates in Thailand is between 600,000 and 700,000 won

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the fact that these are low prices.. weren’t blackpink’s tickets going for $1200+ at some point? blinks out there getting scammed and proud about it too 😂😂


Not army talking about being scam while they are hybe piggy banks at this point 🤣🤣

Last edited 7 months ago by Gumk

They are actually calling out Hybe and trending NO TO DYNAMIC PRICING cause they realized they’re ATMs and being disrespected by Hybe


Stop cosplaying as me btrassh stan. Worry about jungc0ck being deep inside twinkhyung


That’s a ticket price in the US not in Thailand. Go keep calling out Hybe and keep trending NO TO DYNAMIC PRICING. Y’all Armys are literally slaves of capitalism.


you guys said their tickets were so low so everyone could go, now you’re saying it’s too expensive? give a damn decision you trash anti

John Xina

Well, their still in sold out Stadiums in the US can’t relate. Still on life support, almost 40% tickets left and prices down to 65 bucks lolololololololololololololol

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