The Truth About Kpop Fans

This is something I believe NEEDS to be talked about. 


(I don’t mean to say this offending any fandom whatsoever.)

But I think we, as a kpop community, should take a step back a view how absurd its gotten these past few years. 


Fanwars aren’t new. If you have been a kpop fan for a long time you would know how FAR fanwars get. From the sl*tshaming, to wishing death upon an idol recently going into the military, accusing an idol of doing drugs, accusing an idol of “payola” (even tho we all know how untrue that is), this isn’t something thats new. I just want whoever comes across this article to understand that these idols you are attacking are real people, with real lives, with real emotions/ feelings. Attacking an idol just because their fans said something, does NOT give you the authority to attack the idol, because at the end of the day it wasn’t the idol who said something. It was the fan. And this goes for EVERY fandom. No one is innocent. I hope kpop fans can do their best to support one another and not attack eachother constantly on social media. And these fanwars have lead people to getting their personal information leaked onto the internet. Please stop. Its just ridiculous honestly.