The US and UK are both proud of Jimin’s achievements

US Billboard: Jimin’s solo song enters the top 10 of the UK chart!

MTV UK: Jimin, I’m proud of you for getting #1 on Billboard

1. Although I don’t know BTS well and sometimes see them get #1 on Billboard Hot 100, but I feel really surprised with this achievement. Even people who don’t understand well like me are cheering for him!! Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s great to see Koreans gaining attention overseas

2. Our Jimin is amazing

3. I’m so proud of Jimin!!

4. At this point, he should be scheduled in the US and UKㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. This time he got a lot of good reactions in the UK

6. This time, not only in the US, but also in Europe, especially he got a lot of good reactions in Europe

7. I really like this song. Jimin is amazing

8. I want to see more of Jimin’s activities, I want him to tour around the world

9. The overseas reactions are really good

10. What are you doing, Big Hit? This kind of reaction is the best ever, but what are you doing without overseas schedules??

11. British and American ARMYs are also excited, the atmosphere is festive ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

12. So cute, our Jimin deserves to be loved

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congrats Jimin 🙏🏻


yeah it’s too bad that his promotions are cut short, I feel like bh can still send him on more shows esp at UK like BBC1Radio tbh

Color color stan

I feel like Jimin himself isn’t up for a tour internationally. He was asked during his live if he wants to go on tour and he simply answered he doesn’t have enough songs. When asked again, iirc he said he can’t wait to tour again with BTS as a group. I don’t like Hybe but I don’t think Hybe is that dumb not to send one of BTS’ most popular members on a tour cause that’ll be a lot of money but Jimin probably doesn’t want to.


Yeah and i think it also overlaps with enlistment date. He’s got the most packed schedule compared to rap line whose projects been going around 3 to 4 years before releases. Even in bangtantv we see how short time he got in his hands. I’ll take it as him testing waters as yoongi said he need to release his work first in order to grow, while keeping his story and feelings he pour into face album relevant with his current life. All of those things combined into consideration so i guess what we had now is their best outcome. Must been a hell at work too for Bighit to work out the schedule and everything that entails in such limited time. If anyone is to blame is their government idc idc


Plus, touring solo is a LOT of pressure too. I’m a little worried abt how Yoongi will be for his Agust D tour too (tho, I’m still excited abt it).


For real!!! I’m getting nervous as he started adding tour dates knowing their past packed tours tbh but he genuinely sounds like he’s living with his best life since last year i cant wait to see his work real time

Grace Walker

BTS, is run by Big Hit, not Hybe.


Other countries always treat them better than their own

Ladyboy lisa

Meanwhile blinks are celebrating their SEA and China success 😅😅😅


It’s a really good album and the title track, esp the Eng vers, would be 200% radio friendly if radio weren’t such cowards abt foreigners singing.

In any case, I’m just so proud of Jimin 💜


and for people thinking the english ver is just another remix OH they gotta start reading lyrics its my personal obsession. its not your most half ass translation for the sake of aiming global. he actually put different nuance to them by switching language oh he and joon are geniuses with visions my favorite kind

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