The video of BTS Jin cutting his hair looks like a scene from a movie

Video of BTS Jin cutting his hair released by creative director Kim Seonghyun

1. His eyes are pretty… He’s seriously handsome

2. He looks so cool

3. It’s black and white, so it’s like a scene from a movie

4. Wow, he’s handsome, he’s handsome even with his head shaved

5. It’s like a scene from a movie

6. Maybe it’s because of his eyes, it’s more like a movie

7. The atmosphere is like a scene from a movie

8. Our Seokjinie is so handsome, he’s round and cute like a peeled egg

9. Wow, he looks so cold, he’s handsome

10. It’s like he shaved his head because of his role

11. Wow why is he so handsome?

12. After all, a handsome man is handsome no matter what he does

13. Kim Seokjin is handsome ㅠㅠ

14. His facial features are amazing

15. I’m sure he’s so handsome

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Jin is a movie man, that’s why the video looks like one too.




Love u go and come back healthy 💜


*La incondicional plays in the background*

Thank you, your article has benefited me a lot and helped me a lot. After reading carefully, I still have some doubts, would you like to help me solve it? I’ll be back often and follow up on this comment. thank you for your help.

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