The Weeknd, Lily-Rose Depp, Jennie ‘The Idol’ Rotten Tomatoes scores

1. 11 reviews…?

2. The content isn’t my taste…ㅋㅋㅋ I don’t know about the female lead and the male lead, but I’ll have to watch if Jennie’s part video is uploaded separately

3. Why did Jennie do this?

4. It’s just p*rn.. Why did Jennie act in that drama?

5. What happened to The Weeknd?

6. Jennie is a supporting actress?

7. Because the content was trash, there was a lot of controversy even before its release

8. I’m really curious, what role does Jennie play in that drama?

9. How can a drama like this happen in 2023?

10. I think this is my first time seeing a digit

11. Without Jennie, I don’t think this drama would have gained attention in Korea

12. It was one of the worst scores of all time

13. But why did they go to Cannes?

14. Wow it’s the worst

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jennie just thirsty for hollywood



I just hope she starts dating a foreign guy soon. She matches them SO MUCH MORE than the ugly guys she’s dated.

G-Dragon and Kai are both below average. V is the only decent guy she’s been with and even he isn’t on her level.

Teenaged puppy

Didn’t I tell you to get back to gargling your dad’s nuts. There’s no breaks for fags

Jimin got yes jams

V is far beyond her level. His pinky outshines her whole existence bfr


Whorenie being the biggest slut is perfectly on brand. Other female idols would be dragged to hell and back if they participated in a rape enabling show like this but since its Seoul cycle nobody is surprised of her choices. And apparently the porn filled script touched her. Disgusting


Jennie is redefining class and paving a new way for idols.

Just like BTS redefines masculinity and paved the old way for idols.


Jennie loving this script even though it’s just rape porn says a lot about her character like bp are not the feminist their Stans make them out to be and it’s always been evident in their music super disappointed that her thirst for us validation allowed her to be in something like this


trust me the twink fetish is a blink thing 😂


Wtf do you mean by “NORMAL women usually fantasize about rape to some degree.”? Are you fvcking for real. No normal woman fantasizes about such heinous thing. Are you that fvcking dvmb that you are now projecting such vile things like a normal thing. Are you that gone from your brain or what? You need to go see a doctor asap.


Why did they go to Cannes?

Ladyboy Lisa

The way if this was done by other idols, there is no end of backlash. But Ms Jenny happily promoting with support of blinks 😂


I’m not surprised that Jennie will accept a role in a series with this theme she is crazy to want to be a part of Hollywood no matter what


6. Jennie is a supporting actress?

Would it be better if she’s the lead?

8. I’m really curious, what role does Jennie play in that drama?

Most likely a side chick

9. How can a drama like this happen in 2023?

It’s porn, didn’t matter what year it is, it happens


I think these low scores just making everyone to watch the show tbh so they can make fun of it and post the bad and funny, jaw dropping scenes on tiktok like the maddie/cassie fight scene and just like that the show will go viral and more people will be tuning in lol

Teenaged puppy

That’s what whorenie gets m. Dunno why she thought showing her real life on screen would be appetizing


I will never understand this…I was gaining some interest in her but her life choices are more than ever very very questionable. Why she hang out with those bully rasict d-grade women, or hanging out with proven r@p!St and p3d0s, supporting known n@z!s and bigots, and now doing this, taking a part on such disgusting script which is written and directed by disgusting people too and naming that vile personality as your inspiration…why is she doing all this. I don’t see other bp girls doing and making friends with people like that. It’s not good. Idc how famous or popular or it girlish she is. I can’t like someone whose entire life seems questionable to me and her morals as well.
This is not a hate comment but a actual criticism from someone who was actually trying to get to know her.


Her fans need to stop justifying her each and every action as something as she isn’t aware of or someone forced her to do it or she didn’t knew what to do.
She is not dvmb or naive or innocent as you people are projecting on her. She needs to be held accountable. She needs to be made aware of her status and how she should actually be on that position. She is in her mid 20s, she is not some minor idol or whatever. She knows to speak English well. There’s no way in hell she doesn’t know what she is doing or signing. She could have easily walked off that shit show. She isn’t even a main or prominent character, but she didn’t. There is no explanation of this. So stop speaking on behalf of her cause your explanation doesn’t actually make any sense. What she did is problematic as hell and she also needs to be held accountable for it.


Mid 20s?? She’s almost 28


It shows you how her fans and blinks thinks about her. They want her to up up up there in hollywood

John Xina

Jennie loved the script. Even tho it’s being panned as one of the most regressive and sexist shows in decades.

Lol, she’s just a social climber

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