There are a lot of rumors about leader RM leaving the group and BTS disbanding but

RM’s interview with Vogue Spain during Bottega Veneta schedule

“Oh! I’m not going to leave BTS. Absolutey not. It’s the fist time I’ve launched a project like this alone, so I’m trying to stand up and take my firt steps. But I am ambitious and I have willpower. So I don’t want to miss the opportunity to do both. So I will try best not to lose control and drive these two ships at the same time. Many bands split and crumble, but I hope that doesn’t happen to BTS.”

And above all, BTS members are the most serious about BTSㅋㅋㅋㅋ He has that level of confidence and determination, and the members have the same thoughts

1. I believe in Namjoon, I believe in BTS, not only words, but they are kids who always show their efforts, so I believe in them

2. The members all have the same thoughts, but it looks like someone is still creating rumors

3. This is why I love BTS forever

4. All 7 members are serious about BTS

5. I really love all the members who always give me faith in the group

6. Seriously…..BTS is forever…..

7. BTS is forever..!!!! Forever

8. Kim Namjoon… just hearing his name makes me feel great

9. I believe in Namjoon

10. I believe in Namjoon and I believe in all the BTS members

11. ARMYs know that all the members are more loyal to the group than anyone else

12. Seriously cool… This is the top leader’s thoughts…

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bts really cares about the group tbh so I don’t really believe of them disbanding


Did I miss something? What rumours?


I think it’s just the western industry stigma around the word hiatus and break


Did people really think bts will disband or they WISH bts will disband? Lol. We know kpoppies are jealous that bts is thriving in 2nd chapter while their fav still remain flop

Color color stan

We all know it’s the second one


Lgo, ptd, ytc are all flopped tho, their prime was dynamite let’s be honest


if bts songs are considered flop, then your flopped faves should be buried already because they are so useless and ultimate flop. Saying bts flopped when you stan a whole clown kpop groups


Calling bts flop, kpop industry better go find another job. Nobody know any of yall bitch ass mf


lgo & ptd hit n1 on bb hot 100 !!!!!!
ytc sold 6m copies!!!!! 😂
sure….. they are flopping !


Man, ALL of kpop must be worse than trash to you if those are your ideas of a flop.

WhatsThe Point

I can see BTS having the longevity like Coldplay and Beatles… Even if they don’t release albums every year they sure will continue being a group. Their songs like young forever, wab:e , 2!3! , Whalien 52 and so many others are proof

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The Internet

Definitely agree on BTS having longevity but for the record they have already passed The Beatles in time as a group. The Beatles were only together for 7 years.


Woah, I didn’t even realize that.


What rumors?? This is the first time I’m hearing about that rumor about Namjoon?


The interviewer probably westerner who so used to see boybands disband after hiatus. So, they must be have same thought about bts taking a hiatus and asking that to RM.

Saint Seungri

can they plz leaving the earth better 🙂 hhhh

Color color stan

-your mom right after you came out of her vagina


Saint seungri? What a joke 🤣🤣🤣


Saint seungri is a troll, he/she is everywhere talking shit about kpop groups


People obsessed with the ‘disbandment’ narratives are so annoying actually. BTS are not One Direction yall — if they said they will come back, then they will. Rest.


Those rumors are made up by haters who can’t stand to see BTS succeed, but they can keep waiting, because they are not going to disband. 


For the Western music industry releasing a solo album = leaving the group
Its hard for them to understand that not every group is forced to be together like 1D


The only fluent in English is going to leave the group? Oh it’s over for BTS.


u can’t read?


over? 😂

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