There are over 100 artworks in RM’s house, and they all cost hundreds of thousands of dollars

Looks like you can really buy an expensive apartment in Seoul with just the artworks in Kim Namjoon’s house…

Namjoon’s house is so beautiful

1. All the artworks give me a comfortable feeling so I really like them

2. Is there a link to the vlog?? I want to watch it too ㅠㅠ

3. Does he need to go to the art museum? Namjoon just needs to go home

4. Wow I’m so jealous

5. His house is just an art gallery…

6. Wow, the interior is crazy…. It’s an art museum

7. BTS leader Kim Namjoon’s estimated net worth is around 1.5 trillion won – Statistics Korea

8. How big is a house to hang 100 artworks?.. Daebak

9. Wow he lives in another world

10. BTS doesn’t live in the dorm anymore??

11. It’s just an art gallery

12. Wow… But I really want to go to his house

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