There is an international petition allegedly by BTS fans asking Min Heejin to leave HYBE

“Min Heejin must resign from HYBE”… There was even an international petition

ID ‘ARMY Forever’, who is said to be a fan of the global group BTS, “Recently, some individuals have been spreading false information and harassing groups such as BTS, ILLIT and LE SSERAFIM,” he/she said, explaining the reason for launching the petition

As of 7pm today, 21,702 people have signed and the goal is to reach 25,000 signatures

In addition, the comments in the petition also called for CEO Min to resign such as ‘I don’t want her to come near BTS’ and ‘Please leave the 16th floor’

1. Can they do anything??????

2. Why are ARMYs participating in this conflict? They should think carefully whether they like HYBE or BTS members;;

3. And at the same time, if anything adverse happens to their singers, they will hit HYBE, which is ridiculous… However, they still love HYBE, right~?

4. There are many fans of Bang Si Hyuk

5. Don’t ARMYs like Bang Si Hyuk and not Bangtan?

6. But V proposed collaborating with Min Heejin first

7. Min Heejin needs to leave HYBE and prove her abilities

8. It’s not like the BTS fandom, it’s like the HYBE fandom

9. Who exactly is that fandom among BTS, ILLIT and LE SSERAFIM

10. Oh those fans… they’re so ugly

11. As expected, that fandom is ugly

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