“There’s a big difference between the members” Netizens talk about the rankings of BTS V’s pre-release songs on Melon

V’s pre-release songs entered at #48 and #59 on Melon

1. Yeontan is so cute

2. There are a lot of differences between the members..

3. By the way, if you compare the pre-release songs, there’s no difference between the members

4. Jimin ranked 13th (18,636) V ranked 48th (12,718)

5. Oh I didn’t know it came out, I have to listen to it

6. Yeontan is so cute, let’s go

7. The album cover is so cute

8. Hul, the album cover is so pretty

9. I love his voice ㅠㅠ His voice is crazy

10. Honestly, it’s true that there’s a big difference between the members

11. Comments that are harsh on pre-release songs are ridiculous

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Solos are goingbcrazy right now lol. They were so crazy for mhj partnership bc they hate bh now they are still blaming bh and hybe for lack of promo. Prerelease isbthe promo and there was so little notice beforehand. Also its the type of song too….its very mellow indie jazz style. The songs are really good but ppl need to manage expectations and let tae sing and put out in whatever style.

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