“There’s a big difference between the members” Netizens talk about the rankings of BTS V’s pre-release songs on Melon

V’s pre-release songs entered at #48 and #59 on Melon

1. Yeontan is so cute

2. There are a lot of differences between the members..

3. By the way, if you compare the pre-release songs, there’s no difference between the members

4. Jimin ranked 13th (18,636) V ranked 48th (12,718)

5. Oh I didn’t know it came out, I have to listen to it

6. Yeontan is so cute, let’s go

7. The album cover is so cute

8. Hul, the album cover is so pretty

9. I love his voice ㅠㅠ His voice is crazy

10. Honestly, it’s true that there’s a big difference between the members

11. Comments that are harsh on pre-release songs are ridiculous

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