These are 6 songs that made all-kills on all music charts this year

6 songs that made all-kills on all the music charts this year

IVE – Kitsch


(G)I-DLE – Queencard

NewJeans – Super Shy

AKMU – Love Lee

IVE – Baddie

1. Wow IVE has 3 songs

2. I’m surprised with Baddie! But if it’s this year, shouldn’t Ditto be included as well?

3. IVE is the first girl group to achieve Perfect all-kill 3 times in 1 year, they are amazing

4. But why isn’t Ditto there??

5. Baddie had a perfect all-kill?

6. Wow IVE

7. IVE has 3 songs, they are daebak

8. I was wondering where Ditto was and realize that it was a song from last year

9. IVE is amazing

10. Baddie did an all-kill?

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