“They learned bad things from idol fans” Melon’s real-time chart situation this morning

Melon’s real-time chart situation this morning

1. This is why I don’t use Melon

2. The passion of the fans is amazing and I’m so jealous of them ㅠ

3. I think Lim Young Woong will win even if the most popular idol group and Lim Young Woong make their comebacks at the same time

4. I left Melon because I didn’t like this

5. But Lim Young Woong’s songs are so good

6. Well, if you look at the elders, they just listen to Lim Young Woong’s songs all day;

7. Male idols can do it, but Lim Young Woong can’t?

8. In Korea, Lim Young Woong’s fandom is #1

9. Melon needs to reorganize their charts

10. What’s wrong with Lim Young Woong being so popular…?

11. They learned bad things from idol fans

12. Lim Young Woong’s fans imitate the stupid things idol fans used to do

13. I don’t care about idols or Lim Young Woong doing it, I just think the fans are amazing

14. If there is any song you want to listen to, you can search and listen to it

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it’s the old melon chart, who cares .. almost everyone is prioritizing the top melon 100 chart instead these days and fans with streaming power can control the old melon chart like this,

it’s like getting mad at the top spotify global daily chart, does any of you even listen to songs from there ? you guys make your own playlists right


And that’s why Melon continues to lose users and customers.

YT music is about to overtake Melon in Korea and it only took them 5 years.


This the old chart kpop fans use when trying to fake some kind of success bc they flop on actual melon 100 chart

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