“They look so tired” Celine’s after party picture (V, Bo Gum, Lisa)

Celine’s after party picture (V, Bo Gum, Lisa)

1. I guess someone didn’t tell Lisa the concept of the picture

2. Well, what’s up with Bo Gum’s face? .. I like his expression

3. They look so tired….

4. Bo Gum and V need to sleep as soon as possible.. No but their gazes are crazy

5. His schedule must be very tight. They look so tired

6. Lisa is the only one smilingㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. Seeing Lisa smile makes me think it’s not their concept

8. Lisa is so cute

9. Park Bo Gum is so handsome, I wish he could play the villain

10. Kim Taehyung is getting more and more mature ㅠㅜ

11. Even though everyone is tired, handsome and pretty people are still handsome and pretty with that quality and light

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Where are Lisa akgaes who were hating on Jennie just for going to a party like a normal person, now their idol dancing in a pole …

Lisa and V pole dancing at CELINE

Dancing? She just playfully rolled on from that pole. The video is already posted on Twitter. They were laughing and cheering her up and screaming “go Lisa”. Nothing controversial about it lol.


Sry to break it to you but lisa already made her pole dancing debut in her Lalisa MV. So, next.


im getting sick of these three news  🤢 


Dude, they aren’t tired. Only see drunk faces there

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