“They seem to admit that NewJeans is better than IVE” Starship’s HQ director criticized for commenting under posts about NewJeans

Starship’s HQ director leaving “Uhm….” comments under posts about NewJeans

“Uhm… Uhm..”


She even searched by tag and went from magazine to magazine looking for it

“You’re doing great, you’re doing great at everything. Our Rei is doing the best.”

“This was their first encounter with our Yujinie, you made her look so pretty”

Of course, she’s so warm when it comes to IVE

Starship Jung Mijung (the HQ Director of Starship)

1. They seem to admit that NewJeans is better than IVE. Of course, I think NewJeans is superior to IVE

2. Starship is really a messy and bad company

3. We should support NewJeans more

4. Just by looking at those comments, I can tell who is doing betterㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. NewJeans proves that they are the one top girl group of the 4th generation

6. IVE is doing well too, so why is she like that?

7. She’s crazy, don’t ruin IVE’s image

8. Hmm.. Small and medium companies don’t seem to manage their HQ directors properly

9. I know for sure that NewJeans is so popular

10. Hmm.. I’m not surprised because it’s Starship, they’re always like that

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