“They’re just saying the truth” STAYC took a jab at girl groups who lip sync

STAYC took a jab at girl groups who lip sync

Sieun: I think it’s needless to say

Sumin: Of course, we should sing live. I don’t feel like I’ve performed unless I sing live

Yoon: Do we need a reason to sing live? Of course, we’re singing live because we’re singers

J: I can’t be as energetic if I don’t sing live

Sieun: That’s why we are always singing while filming our music videos. Cameras can capture the difference in the energy levels between lip-syncing and live singing

[+1332, -67]

1. [+871, -7] They’re not taking a jab at anyone, they’re just saying the truth

2. [+630, -20] Rather than taking a jab, that’s just their beliefs, and I think STAYC can say things like that… I’m saying this because I used to be a J-pop fan

3. [+503, -32] “Healthy and clean” I feel this suits them best

4. [+195, -5] Honestly, out of the 4th generation groups, STAYC and NMIXX seem to work the hardest

5. [+175, -0] What jab? If you’re offended by this, it means your bias isn’t performing live

6. [+118, -2] Why is it a jab? they’re just saying the truth; I like STAYC

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