“They’re just saying the truth” STAYC took a jab at girl groups who lip sync

STAYC took a jab at girl groups who lip sync

Sieun: I think it’s needless to say

Sumin: Of course, we should sing live. I don’t feel like I’ve performed unless I sing live

Yoon: Do we need a reason to sing live? Of course, we’re singing live because we’re singers

J: I can’t be as energetic if I don’t sing live

Sieun: That’s why we are always singing while filming our music videos. Cameras can capture the difference in the energy levels between lip-syncing and live singing

[+1332, -67]

1. [+871, -7] They’re not taking a jab at anyone, they’re just saying the truth

2. [+630, -20] Rather than taking a jab, that’s just their beliefs, and I think STAYC can say things like that… I’m saying this because I used to be a J-pop fan

3. [+503, -32] “Healthy and clean” I feel this suits them best

4. [+195, -5] Honestly, out of the 4th generation groups, STAYC and NMIXX seem to work the hardest

5. [+175, -0] What jab? If you’re offended by this, it means your bias isn’t performing live

6. [+118, -2] Why is it a jab? they’re just saying the truth; I like STAYC

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But… their live singing isn’t even that good in the first place??


Not a smart move. If they even lipsync one time (which they will eventually have too, even mamamoo did) this clip will follow them forever. Wish they wouldnt have included this clip for the sake of the girls.


They’re not saying that they will never lipsync. They are saying that they prefer to sing live!


Stayc: we personally enjoy singing live
Media: stayc took a jab at other girl groups


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Aespa left the group. Seriously,Aespa is overrated. There is nothing special about them. They are only lucky because they came from SM Entertainment.


Aside from that,they are also overhype. Second rate copycat of Blackpink. Try harder.

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