“This will be a group whose members are all ambassadors of luxury brands like BLACKPINK” NewJeans Danielle becomes Burberry global ambassador

NewJeans Danielle becomes Burberry global ambassador

1. Hul global ambassador????! Daebak ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Congratulations to Danielle!!!!

2. Wow seriously, the members became ambassadors of luxury brands one by oneㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Danielle suits Burberry so welㅋㅋ

3. Global ambassador??? Hul

4. NewJeans members are sweeping luxury brandsㄷㄷ

5. Wow…. Global ambassador?…

6. It suits her ㅠㅠ

7. Wow seriously, it suits her… It’s perfect

8. Wow, this will be a group whose members are all ambassadors of luxury brands like BLACKPINK

9. Now all we have to do is wait for Chanel and Dior

10. Seriously daebak

11. Danielle looks amazing with Burberry

12. It suits her so wellㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

13. Wow honestly she’s too perfect for Burberry

14. Wow I want Minji to be Dior ambassador..

15. Wow, I don’t know but looking at the picture, it’s perfect

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Hybe pulled some strings for this group to get all these ambassadorships wbk


Ik.Individually they have 0 influence, its thanks to their company.


These NJ girls had not attended any fashion shows in Paris, NY or anywhere outside South Korea. They are yet to build their influence in fashion industry but they are already Global Ambassadors of luxury brands. Yes thanks to HYBE.💀


ikr they have 0 influence/impact on the fashion world like how?


To be honest, its obvious because of hybe. They dont even has individual instagram. Seem like they gonna have it soon. Hybe need to secure these brand deals before yg debuting baemon as yg clearly actually has better connection with fashion world.


I hate when people said this cause it just causes misunderstanding , it’s Ador , not Hybe. All those playlisting they got, it’s Ador that got them to it. Not Hybe. Hybe just gave them money to debut and it’s up to Ador what they did with the money given by Hybe and they used it for these stuffs.

Some of you are misunderstanding Min Heejin ( not a fan of her but I acknowledge her influence and popularity ) like hello , she even appeared on the Yoo Quiz’s show even before these girls debut.


girl its hybe, wtf is even ador
they are a company hybe created, stop bs


A company created by Hybe that manages by different people than the one that is specifically working for Hybe. You don’t see BH pushing Yeonjun for these brand deals and cfs although he’s the 4th gen IT boy.

Yes Hybe’s money is running through all these labels but it’s up to their own labels on how they push their idols and clearly Ador is smart at promoting these girls. They know what people like , what type of music that kpop fans wants . Stan one Hybe group other than Newjeans and you’ll get what I talk about . There’s a difference . BTS’s dongsaengs will only get you exposure. Do you think these famous brand and people in the cfs are stupid to hire these girls just because they’re from Hybe and BTS’s juniors ?

Plus you guys don’t even talk about IVE like this while their popularity back during Love Dive is on par with Newjeans’ popularity on South Korea rn. You guys are praising those girls to be able to get these cf and brand deals not even a year into their debut so why are you and other people are questioning about Newjeans ? 3 of their songs are even in top3 or 4 of all k-charts rn so idg why you and other people trying so hard to make like Newjeans don’t deserve this




Here comes another loser


Downvoting this means you agree that you’re a loser btw 😹😹😹😹😹


The only loser here is you writing a long ass paragraph



Last edited 24 days ago by molrang

thank you for admitting your brain cannot comprehend long ass paragrahps. You must be failing in school


People that downvoting me know I’m speaking the truth ☝🏻 No way you think people that works in these higher up brands hiring these kids because ‘ oh they are BTS’s juniors ‘ knowing damn well BTS themselves doesn’t do a lot of fashion brand deals themselves 😁 keep deluding yourselves thinking Newjeans are not popular at South Korea and globally ☝🏻


what does the songs charting have to do with these abnormal luxury brand deals?then give all of them to lyw cause man is ruling these charts.
ador,peldis,hybe,anything..they’re all using BTS’s money.nj is the biggest example of industry plant in kpop.i agree with the part that their sub-label is doing all these hidden deals though.they want to keep their hype as long as possible.but it’s not like hybe is not aware or doesn’t support it.
& ive HAS a member that has individual relevancy.but yea none of these gps are idols anymore.seems like this gen ggs are getting inspired by bp.grabbing luxury deals right after debut,being pretty,trying to get prettier,companies manage to get some trendy/hit songs for them mostly from foreign producers,and talent & organic impact?out of window.
they’re a 4 at max,in a world of 4s at max.so it’s justified.

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Ive are getting all this solo deals in korea which match their popularity in korea cause everyone know they are super popular in their hometown. Newjeans are popular also on korea but they have 0 influence globally so its really hybe privilege they literally attend chanel event one day after their debut don’t be so delusional


Girl min heejin is so popular in korea but no one gaf about her globally she don’t have any connection with these brands she is just the brain of the group and hybe are the one who have connection ( thanks to bts)


It’s still under HYBE. HYBE opens these doors who are you kidding? Ador is a brand new company. What influence could they have in the fashion market? Min Hee Jin by herself could not get this sort of promotion without having the funding from HYBE. LBF.


Why does it triggered you that a company is taking good care of them???


It’s not NJ’s fault that YG is an ass company that doesn’t want to take care their own artists 🥴




These NJ girls had not attended any fashion shows in Paris, NY or anywhere outside South Korea. They are yet to build their influence in fashion industry but they are already Global Ambassadors of luxury brands? Thanks to HYBE 💀. Compare to BP , they had these Global Ambassadorship after years of attending Fashion shows abroad and had millions of followers in their own individual instagrams.


Not to mention, BP girls are in front seats when they attend Fashion shows and the CEO and creative directors of those luxurious brands know them.


They are minors ? Some just turned 18. If they get send fashion shows abroad , you’ll guys be foaming at the mouth saying these girls are overworked, too young to be send to fashion shows, child labour craps and even Wonyoung went to fashion shows abroad only when she turned 18


How about solo magazine cover? Exactly a minor with no influence in fashion industry lol


Oh you’re anticipating their solo covers, you’ll get one sometime by this year meanwhile enjoy their group magazine covers 🙏🏻


Group covers that couldn’t even sell that much lmaooo. Okay


Is this even matters when only fans that mass buying the group covers because they have measurement dick contest on which idols sell the most magazines in 4th gen and whose the fastest and the only one be able to sell 500k in 3 hours ?


People downvoting my comment because they know I’m right 😹😹😹😹


No one knows BP either but you freaks so what’s the difference


No one knows BP? 🤥 They literally live in your mind 24/7. See? You don’t even stan NJ but here you are in this post cause BP is mentioned lmfao


I know you guys hate bp but lets not lie at least they have millions on their instagram they do have fandom offcourse not as big as bts but they are still popular but newjeans have 0 influence individually and even as a group they have more casual listeners than the core fandom


No sh1t. How did Aespa get to become global ambassadors, did they attend any fashion shows? Same for the IVE girls. NewJeans is the next Big Thing in Kpop.


not hybe stans downvoting the comments when they spilled. It’s true, these girls are privileged. They got GAs handed to them. Thanks to Hybe


If it’s Hybe then why don’t they also push Yeonjun for all these famous brand gigs then if he’s the supposed 4th gen it boy ? Hybe only gives them money as their funding , it’s up to their respective labels on how they gonna manage and push their artists . You clearly can see the difference of works of labels under Hybe.


yeah just like aespa with givenchy by sm before they even debuted lol. nothing wrong with admitting it


This race to be luxury ambassadors ny kpop idols make the brands look tacky tbh lmao


No hate to these girls. But isn’t is too early to keep them as global ambassadors? Just because they’re juniors to BTS, they are treating them differently?


If BTS is the reason, then other Hybe groups will get these perks too but they don’t . You guys are understimating Newjeans’ popularity in their home country . IVE also got brand deals not even a year into their debut but I didn’t see anyone coming for them or say stuffs like this.


No magazine covers, no PFW attendance, not even MUSE but they are already Global Ambassadors? Lmfao.💀 Privileged much. They are taking shortcuts.


everybody is a gba right now, isnt that funny?
it is funnier now bc u dont earn it, they jsut give it to you


Not even a fan of them but some of the comments here are so funny and showing insecurities cause why are y’all shading a new gg and company that is taking a good care of them instead of those nasty companies that are mistreating other groups and I’m sure with the new yg gg they would also gonna use their strings for them 😭


Some of you guys here acting like losers and these are the same people geeking over IVE’s brand and cf deals that they got not even a year into their debut . No hate to those girls but clearly they got them because they are popular , not that they have influences over fashion industry in South Korea or global.


pretty sure all people that comments negatively about this here are Blinks since only Armys and Blinks on this website . Blinks stop being obsessed and insecure with minors challenge


And now you see how meaningless it is for these kpop girlies to be global ambassadors. No one know her just like no one knows the bp hags in the west. It’s all politics.


Why it’s always their account and company who’s announce them as ambassador but not the official one? pft


Because these brands don’t gaf


Where is the announcement from the brand itself. I checked their official Instagram account and there is no single post for this girl.😭

Lazy Banana

The comment section reeks of jealousy lmao. Blinks, please touch grass outside.


hypocrites! Y’all dragged bp for being Global ambassadors but now NJ are doing it and suddenly it’s crickets.

Why would Blinks be jealous? All of BP members are Global Ambassadors, they put kpop in Fashion industry. Lol. NJ only had 1 GA btw


then why are you guys camping here if you’re not jealous of them

Last edited 24 days ago by molrang

Blackpink is mentioned???? It’s literally in the title of this post.


Newjeans doing bigger things than Blackpink in comparison of their 1st years.


they even use blackpink’s name to draw attention to the news. How long has this group been talked about in the field of fashion? Thanks to Blackpink, you have become a fashion talker. Sure, you used to make fun of Blackpink but now you’re praising them when your favorite artists collaborate with brands.


it’s laughable you’re taking a forum post title as a news article.
also NO ONE made fun of blackpink when they first came out or got brand deals. but insecure blonks need to put down everyone else to feel superior – yeah we get it.


is the influence in the room with us…? HYBE PAID THE WAY fighting!


YG paid prostitutes for investors haha so do you want to keep comparing?


i’m sorry but this shit’s laughable. these 4th gen girls debut and two weeks later theyre global ambassadors and i’m supposed to congratulate them 😭😭


They’re far from being Blackpink lol


Blackpink proved themselves in music and had good fashion sense n they proved that. They Attended fashion weeks, attracted crowd, made impact, proved value, sold items they wore and then got picked as ambassadors. But this kids group be getting all these with 0 impact explains how hybe is paying for brand deals too along with their awards… And yg didn’t pay for any brand deals as blackpink really proved how they sold out everything. Lisa growing celine impact itself is big proof… Every new group wanted to be blackpink but actually blackpink is soo big with jz little promotions. They should not follow them in everything

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