This year’s K-pop awards ceremonies are considered worthless due to various problems

Mnet MAMA will be held in Japan

AAA will be held in the Philippines

The Blue Dragon Music Awards (new, organized by the Blue Dragon Film Festival) will be held in Thailand

Seoul Music Awards but will be held in ‘Bangkok’, Thailand

In addition, it is reported that the Golden Disc Awards will be held in Indonesia

The KBS Song Festival held at the end of the year will be renamed Music Bank and held in Japan

Now, it seems like there are more awards ceremonies held abroad than domestically

No matter how much K-pop is said to be expanding abroad, there are still many opinions that it is neglecting the domestic market in order to profit from foreign fans

1. I was surprised at the ticket price

2. I feel like they don’t think anything about their country’s economy

3. These awards ceremonies are baseless and ridiculous…ㅋㅋ

4. I don’t understand why domestic awards ceremonies are held abroad… MAMA is even worse because it also counts foreign music scores into the award criteria

5. What is the Blue Dragon Music Awards..?

6. It seems like they can make a lot of money because concert tickets abroad are so expensive

7. Don’t they feel something strange?

8. I really hate this

9. I don’t know why they make money through award ceremonies

10. I really do not understand

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