Today a new song beat BTS Jungkook’s Seven to become the #1 song on Global Spotify

Jungkook ‘3D’

Jungkook became the first Korean solo artist to have two or more No. 1 songs in Spotify history

1. Jungkook vs Jungkook

2. Wow Jungkook’s class is so crazy

3. I like Jungkook’s song more than Jungkook’s song

4. Congratulations to Jungkook, you are crazy, you are a famous pop star

5. Jeon Jungkook is amazing

6. But the album cover color has changed?? Isn’t it blue?

7. Congratulations to Jungkookie!!!!!

8. Wow, Jungkook has finally surpassed Jungkook

9. This is amazing

10. Wow crazy.. Congratulations to Jungkook

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