Today, journalist pictures of Aespa Ningning who seems to have changed her makeup style

She looks so much prettier


1. She looks much better. Personally, it’s like TWICE’s makeup style during their debut days

2. Ningning is getting more and more pretty

3. It suits her much better, her face has become brighter

4. Wow, this makeup is suitable for her age and suits her so well!!!!! She’s so pretty

5. Makeup is makeup, but she lost a lot of weight

6. She looks so much better now

7. I think Ningning is the prettiest in Aespa

8. She looks like Jennie

9. She’s pretty and Ningning seems to be really good at tying her hair

10. Hul, she’s so pretty, looks like she lost more weight

11. She looks really pretty these days

12. Ningning is seriously pretty

13. She looks fresh and younger!!

14. I think Ningning is the prettiest in Aespa these days

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