Top 10 Artists on Oricon Japan in 2022

The ranking includes singles, albums, music videos, DVDs and streams

BTS ranked 1st 2 years in a row

First foreign singer

4th singer in Japan

1. Kingtan

2. Crazy

3. BTS Seventeen.. They’re crazy

4. Wow but Arashi is still on the ranking

5. BTS is daebak

6. BTS beat all Japanese singers, daebak

7. Kingtan is amazing

8. As expected from BTS

9. Seventeen was ranked 11th last year, but it’s gone up

10. I’m so proud of BTS

11. Seventeen is amazing

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And bts didn’t even have a japanese cb…. legends

Last edited 8 months ago by Ist
Teenaged puppy

Congrats bts

WhatsThe Point

BTS are #3 korean act to sell most albums in japan, behind svt and enhypen but u see only BTS is #1 in revenue. This is what happens when ur (other korean acts) sales and streams don’t match.
Also BTS did this with no jp cb

Last edited 8 months ago by WhatsThe Point
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