Top 10 artists with the most loyal fanbases of all time

2 Michael Jackson
3 Elton John
4 Lady Gaga
5 Taylor Swift
6 Queen
7 Lana Del Rey
8 Beyoncé
9 Eminem
10 Harry Styles

1. I’m happy that I’m an ARMY

2. It’s not surprisingㅋㅋㅋㅋ The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of BTS is that the fandom is extremely loyal

3. My first and last idol

4. Because we are ARMYs

5. It’s obvious that the loyalty of BTS’s fandom is strong

6. I will love BTS even if I am reborn

7. My first artist was not BTS, but I can say for sure that my last artist is BTS

8. I will never change my mind until I step into the coffin

9. BTS really changed my life. Thank you BTS

10. When you see the ARMYs around me, including me, you will understand

11. Because I will be an ARMY for the rest of my life

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