Top 10 girl group MVs with the most views without ads in 2023

Top 10 girl group MVs with the most views without ads in 2023

(Real views / Views with ads)

10 NMIXX – Love Me Like This (24.4M / 60.1M)
9 BABYMONSTER – Dream (25.2M / 41.5 M)
8 Dreamcatcher – BONVOYAGE (27.2M / 27.2M)
7 Aespa – Spicy (30M / 81.5M)
6 IVE – Kitsch (37.5M / 70.9M)
5 LE SSERAFIM – Unforgiven (38.2M / 73M)
4 (G)I-DLE – Queencard (45.3M / 124M)
3 TWICE – Set Me Free (47.6M / 70.4M)
2 TWICE – Moonlight Sunrise (67.2M / 88.4M)
1 IVE – I AM (72.8M / 92.9M)

1. There are people who believe in this…?

-> OP is not lying, it’s similar to YouTube ranking

2. Oh IVE is doing pretty well

3. Now I understand why every time I watch a clip on Naver, there’s (G)I-DLE’s MV

4. So you can even get 50 million ad views, daebak

5. They spent a lot of money

6. But how do you know this? Is there any difference between real view and ad view??

7. But is this believable?

8. Wow… What’s up with (G)I-DLE?

9. (G)I-DLE is too much

10. Only Dreamcatcher didn’t run ads

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Guest man

“Only Dreamcatcher didn’t run ads” OP

That group must have that much views to be on top 10 in first place…

How thick can one really be.

And who cares Twice with or without ads are stable af. Even when the onces division which happened during SMF. And obviously as a 3rd gen gg.
Even if they had 10 or 1 mil views I would still love them. I don’t care about how much views a group generates. I have stopped caring about that stuff years ago. I go after music and twice have never disappointed once.

And I will definitely not side with knetz opinions when they are known to give all support to the known racists and criminals with questionable music tastes. Seriously fvck you all.

Guest man

Maturity is when you seriously realise views absolutely means nothing on how a group is good. Dare I say Rebecca Black’s Friday has more views than Beyonce’s Haunted. But which song among those two will you still put in your playlist and which one would you skip.
Views means absolutely nothing if the music is not hitting.
To be noticed the originality of a mv hitting 1billion has become a joke now. When fans are streaming their grps mv continuously to hit 1 billion and then add up on that grps achievements. Especially those who are the flag bearers of this toxic trend. Yes I am saying this to certain color fandom. Start questioning the roots of this issue before coming to the problem. It’s funny how the roots are exercising every other thing like a free pass and others have to suffer. When will this really end.

why is everyone on this site a dumbass?


Guest man

I will not…? I can also speak you know. And it’s not like I am insulting or hating on someone. Just stating thing which I feel.


Find a hobby, get a job

Last edited 3 months ago by Guest
Guest man

Funny thing I have those maybe that’s why I am not budged out with these yt ads thing. Clearly you aren’t. So mind your own buisness.

Jon Xina

The LIES about Dreamcatcher. Youtube charts proves they did in fact run ads.

Bonvoyage debut on the 24th of May and YT charts have had 2 updates since than, the minimum barrier for entry on the official chart 19th-25th was just 4.89m, the same for the period 26th-1st was just 4.97m DreamCatcher failed to chart in the entire top 100 for both weeks.

So it’s an indisputable FACT they did use ads. They in fact have less than roughly 9-10 million actual views lol.

Last edited 3 months ago by Jon Xina

Stop lying. 😀 It’s a complete lie. These girls had no ads.

Jon Xina

YouTube charts literally confirmed they did. Without they had over 25+ million views over the tracking period of two weekly chart updates.

Failure to chart in the entire official top 100 both weeks makes it IMPOSSIBLE to have not boosted views without ads. That’s a fact, no and’s, it’s or but’s. Sorry.

Oh oh

how was newjeans OMG not included in the list? 💀 it never had ads and is 100mil?


Twice ☠️

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