Top 10 most streamed Korean artists of all time on Spotify

BTS – 34.25B
TWICE – 6,6B
Stray Kids – 4,88B
Seventeen – 3,69B
EXO – 3.05B
TXT – 3.02B
Red Velvet – 2.77B
BTS Suga – 2.35B
IU – 2.29B

1. Wow BLACKPINK also surpassed 10 billion

2. Suga and IU are amazing

3. BTS surpassed 34 billion, is this possible?

4. TWICE and Stray Kids are doing well

5. BTS and Yoongi are amazing

6. BTS is amazing, Suga is cool too

7. BTS’s class is different

8. BTS members all participated in composing and writing lyrics.. I’m curious how much money they make

9. Kingtan

10. As expected from BTS

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Teenaged puppy

Another proof that midpink is not BTS competition


BP did that with only 32 songs. If they had the same number of songs with BTS (230+) songs then might catch up and get around 30 billion streams too.


Bo don’t have the creativity to create a discography of 230+ songs that people would want to stream. Why do you think they only release 6 songs every 2/3 years. It’s so you guys don’t catch onto the fact that every album is the same with no growth and also gives blinks time to focus on just a few songs to stream for years. As op said BP is not BTS competition.

Last edited 5 months ago by Tmi

30 songs vs 130+ songs, bts should have more streams actually


You mean midpink should have more streams. They’re always MIA on Spotify and constantly get eaten up by 4th gen gigs but your in BTS business? They should also have more songs but then yawl would overload your SEA stream farms and then where would your girlies be


Stray Kids paved the way


Skz released 2 albums atleast per year. Thats why they have more streams than 4th gen gg despite no hits.


U talk through ur ass bitch skz outdid ur fav


BTS has been on hiatus for 1 year, but still, no one, absolutely no one, can touch even their shadow. 

Jon Xina

Exo and Red Velvets are trash lol and they speak on other groups. Neither are top 10 groups anymore and should keep their mouths shut


You shut the fuck up. Stop speaking on EXO

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