Top 10 old album sales of K-pop idols this year

1 BTS ‘PERSONA’ (2019) 316,123
2 TXT ‘Fight Of Escape’ (2021) 282,222
3 BTS ‘Map of the Soul:7’ (2020) 280,752
4 BTS ‘Tear’ (2018) 274,004
5 BTS ‘Her’ (2017) 249,976
6 TXT ‘Blue Hour’ (2020) 207,918
7 Stray Kids ‘NOEASY’ (2021) 205,175 + Red Velvet 204,000
8 BTS ‘Answer’ (2018) 201,847
9 Seventeen ‘An Ode’ (2019) 180,694
10 Aespa ‘Savage (2021) 173,299

Based on August, September and October charts

1. Kingtan

2. BTS sold hundreds of thousands of albums that were released 4-5 years ago

3. BTS’ old albums have sold over 1 million copies?

4. BTS and TXT sell well even with old albums.. Daebak

5. BTS is amazing

6. TXT sold better than I thought

7. I’m so proud of BTS

8. TXT and Aespa are daebak

9. I’m curious why fans buy so many BTS old albums

10. As expected from Kingtan

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9. I’m curious why fans buy so many BTS old albums

That’s mean, they’re getting new fans & collectors fans that have to buy their album. And I’m one of the latter


And all those 20 version albums r not here


When you become a BTS fan, no matter when, you want to buy the rest of their discography because you know that more gems are waiting for you, that’s why they keep selling old albums.


TXT also ranked #8 for pure album sales in the US this year with one mini album its insane

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