Top 2 female idols with Korean standard beauty



1. Does anyone know the source of the first photo?

2. Dior ambassadors are crazyㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. They are Dior ambassadors

4. I agree

5. I like the two of them too, they’re so pretty

6. The two of them are so pretty

7. Suzy’s beauty is amazingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. Suzy Jisoo…. Seriously… The faces that I love so much…

9. Jisoo is f*cking pretty

10. The two of them have Korean standard beauty

11. I also like all the idols that are Dior’s picks

12. The two of them are classic Korean beauties

13. Suzy’s facial features are really pretty

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Jisoo, the mother of dozens of kpop


Suzy is on another level. It’s a shame to put her next to someone like jisoo. Talentless, unpopular in her own group despite being a visual and was outclassed by top visuals of her own generation Irene, tzuyu, etc.

Wonyoung is the only current idol who can match suzy’s hype and her viral beauty.


Go seek therapist help, u said jisoo is unpopular but she’s 10000000x more popular than the people u mentioned 🤣


what a delusional 😂😂😂😂 jisoo is outselling these names that I can’t even recognize anymore for being flop


You don’t compare global ambassador with korea ambassador first of all like the level is different you know


tzuyu seriously? no news or article about her at all. And she’s not korean to be korean standard. lol


oof these comments they’re mad at you saying the truth. she’s pretty irrelevant in and outside of korea. all they ever talk about is her beauty yet it doesn’t gain her more hype or anything but her fans won’t admit it


suree keep lying to yourself 🤭🤭


youre talking about suzy? irrelevant (0 articles about her), all they ever talk about is her beauty since her debut and dont stand out in any skills either, neither singing nor dancing nor acting


I mean, youre talking as if Suzy were the epitome of talent when she, just like jisoo, was just the visual of the group and her singing, dancing and acting skills are pretty average too (?) same with Irene, Tzuyu and Wonyoung, theyre all visuals with average/under average skills

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jisoo shines everwhere she goes with her perfect physical appearance and her great personality, I saw her live at London and she was CRAZY. I mean they were crazy all 4 girls


I thought one of them would be Yoona lol


Same. I thought it’d be YoonA and Suzy. Or Won Young for the new generation.

Teenaged puppy

Queen dozen jisoo

Screw bully idols

I mean, Suzy is a dozen too, so the top seems accurate lmao both are just visuals


Obviously’s just that the person who posted this post could have put a better picture of Jisoo to compare


The best among rest is JISOO

Rano b

she can’t sing. Shame on the group.


she = whoever your flops fave is

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