Top 20 songs of the yearly Melon chart 2023 so far

1. ‘I AM’ has only been released for a month, right? It’s already in the top 10

2. Charlie Puth is so amazing. Please go to Korea again

3. BooSeokSoon ‘Fighting’ is daebak

4. Fighting is definitely the public’s pickㅋㅋㅋㅋ There are a lot of people listening to it even today

5. NewJeans is awesome..

6. NewJeans and IVE are crazy

7. I think that Attention was more popular at first, so it’s interesting to see Hype Boy going so high

8. Wow Fighting is daebak

9. These are the songs everyone knows

10. How many songs do NewJeans and IVE have? Crazy

11. Wow NewJeans confirmed

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