Top 3 female idols who are tone deaf of the 4th generation

Top 3 female idols who are tone deaf of the 4th generation

LE SSERAFIM Sakura, Kazuha

IVE Jang Wonyoung

Jang Wonyoung and Sakura promoted with IZ*ONE for a few years, but they still.. can’t sing!? ㅠㅠ

[+195, -180]

1. [+174, -38] Gaeul sings worse than Jang Wonyoung

2. [+130, -59] Jang Wonyoung’s singing skills shouldn’t be considered tone deaf nowㅋㅋㅋㅋ You are bashing her too much

3. [+125, -63] Jang Wonyoung sang her parts so well, and she sang live on every stage, but you’re saying she’s tone deaf, this is bull$hit

4. [+93, -58] What? Why is Jang Wonyoung tone deaf?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+41, -16] Excluding Jang Wonyoung and adding Shuhua

6. [+23, -72] Why did you exclude Aespa?ㅋㅋㅋ

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Kazuha literally did ballet all her life and only have little time to take a vocal lesson so why forget that fact?

And as for Sakura, she’s not toned def, there’s a difference between being toned def and not being good at singing.


Sakura is the worst singer in kpop she sounds so nasally and her fans wonder why she gets thr least lines 🙄 😑

Kazuha shit voice too


Learn to read.


Calling Sakura the worst singer with Gaeul as you dn. Be serious. Dives need to stop beefing with Fearnots and start being objective with themselves.


gaeul ate her up already only w her omg omg lines in eleven lmao


ate where


You are comparing gaeul to sakura?? Lmao gaeul is not that good but dakura is the wirst singer to even exist


Gaeul isn’t the strongest singer but for a rookie she doesn’t sound terrible in encores and her voice doesn’t sound shaking unlike a certain idol who’s been in the industry for more than 10 years and sounds terrible when she’s “singing”-talking.


I think it would be fine to say she’s not naturally good, and probably didn’t anticipate she’d need to sing back when she was dancing. She can improve with practice. Plenty of full time ballerinas are musically inclined.
Maria Khoreva (Vaganova’s actual star dancer of the generation) is an excellent piano player)

bffr hun

does she need her ballet to make songs?


Wonyoung did well i wont say she is a SINGER but she is just average 10 times better than sakura and zuha


If Wonyoung is average which that video showed how bad she was, then no wonder no one takes kpop seriously
Sakura and Kazuha aren’t singers, that’s for sure
At least they’re not given lines which should have gone to main vocalists like Wonyoung does since love dive.
They talk sing




no they gave zuha many main vocal lines in unforgiven instead of chaewon


No kazuha robbed chaewon of so many lines in unforgiven


Wonyoung stans cheering that her k fans are defending her in the translated comments are hilarious
People, actual knetz, are dragging her in youtube comments with thousands of likes, talking about how all that confidence she has in their stages mysteriously nowhere to be found when it’s time to actually sing and not lipsync&looking away scared and that video has 2m views


Koreans will always be on wonyoung side cry about it!!! The comments you saw probably from your fandom lmao


And you mention love dive a song from over 1 year ago cuz can’t you mention I AM her last cb where she didn’t really get many lines and is being praised unlike Kazuha who is getting more lines than Chaewon in her last cb lol


LMAO they only had 1 comeback after
Eleven, love dive, after like (all these songs undeserved when in I am she couldn’t sing one basic line)
Ofc she would get less lines in I am, even starship are not that delusional to give Liz lines to her yet W still failed to deliver the most easiest line
No one tries to push Kazuha as this “not bad” singer that gets main vocalist line the way Wonyoung gets that treatment from people. Everyone knows that girl can’t sing to save her live so there’s no point in discussing, stop trying to whataboutism her to turn the topic from Wonyoung


That video? She sang the background lines instead of her actual line she was confused thats why it sounds flat but go look for her other encore she did well


[+23, -72] Why did you exclude Aespa?ㅋㅋㅋ

Lool, the audacity


Just see how much people downvote this comment..Haters trying so hard to bash aespa..especially about tone deaf?? Huh even aespa main & lead rapper are sing better than lead vocal for other group..the one who write this comment for sure aespa anti 👀

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If the topic was rap or dance, we’d include them though. They need to get rid of the rap bits.


no. karina is the best female rapper of the 4th generation


imagine calling aespa tone deaf 😭 i bet a hybe rat wrote that comment


zuha is doing ballet her whole life and only sing for abou 1 and half year, she’s definitely not tone deaf, her vocal just need training


Then why bother debuting as an idol fgs


Yeah exactly. Or why debut with no training, people excuse anything for a pretty face to Stan. That’s why companies are getting away with tons of things. It’s like excusing an orthodontist that suddenly decided to work as a brain surgeon with little to no additional training. Like.. “it’s all in the head of the patient and med stuff how different can it be”. Quite unprofessional


girl that is an absolutely INSANE comparison


meant to be extreme. but did i lie


Im surprised people don’t talk about Gaeul more girl sings quieter than she speaks its so weird


Gaeul has never sounded terrible in her encores and she’s the one who always gets few rap focused lines so what’s the point?


That’s how I know you are delusional that you say Gaeul was never terrible
That girl is worse than Wonyoung and couldn’t sing her line after Yujin in any encore


idk kazuha is very impressive to me tbh , she began her trainee life around dec 2021, debuted may 2022 and she’s stable when it comes to recent performances, yeah she sounds tone deaf at some parts which I think she can improve later on tbh, she just needs to practice more and she can be their lead vocalist along with chaewon and yunjin


Only chaewon and yunjin can sing in that group be fr


Please read… I said if kazuha practice more, she can be there along with chaewon and yunjin . I’m not saying kazuha is a top tier singer rn , you people can’t read lol.


I get what you mean but doesn’t this seem unfair to consumers? You’re selling me a badly/undone product if you take it to the most extreme and see it as these companies see fans


idk I don’t like to refer myself as a consumer when it comes to music cause then it will be me viewing these idols as products and it just seems inhumane for me to refer them as that , but if that’s your opinion oh well that’s on you and those who upvotes you. I don’t oppose neither am I agreeing with you .

Personally for kpop idc for stuffs like this tbh, I don’t expect these idols to be perfect like robots when they debuted, maybe I’m just used to jppp system where the idols just debuted with imperfections but continue to improve as years go by.

I will probably dislike it if they’re still not doing good or do any improvements after 5 years in the industry but I make an exception on cases like kazuha, where she is very new to this industry, I mean she knew kpop because of Dynamite and that’s what like in 2020, she became a trainee in 2021, she got a short period training of time, the blame will be on Source Music to rush their debuts , hence why I said she needs to practice more on her vocals rn then she can be on par with yunjin and chaewon but if she’s still the same after 5 years well then we can criticize her and you guys can like call her out.


and I completely understand your pov! sorry if it was a bit harsh but tbh, that’s how these companies are seeing fans like it or not. they are selling something, an image, a profession, there are products with their faces and names on that fans DO consume/PURCHASE. at the same time, being a consumer of something doesnt automatically mean the Thing is a “product” in an inhumane sense.
they are WORKING (something is being exchanged for a PAY – excluding the unfair treatments they might also experience from their ents) as professionals at debut, but we need to allow them being bad/untrained and allow them the time to improve while they are in professional field all the while they get paid?
thats why in this kind of system, they should train for a while before debuting if they dont have the innate skills. just like any profession. If they dont have the talent or working on acquiring it, they ARE SELLING IMAGE! These companies are SELLING you an empty package othewise, and you have to deal with a lacking product getting updates once a year.. for 5-7 years then the contract ends.


And they excluded jisoo again ? Like come on that girl can’t sing ANY type of song ..her fans say that she has a unique voice, but it’s just bad !!


Not to forget jimin and jin too


They ain’t good too, but autotune can save jimins voice .. Jin can sing some types of songs like their Coldplay cover he unexpectedly impressed me while jisoo sounds really bad in studio version and even much worse live….. for me NOTHING can cover her ugly voice

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Nah but imagine your entire group cannot sing, dance or rap… tankpink can relate


stfup they can sing 1000000000 times better than these nugus


I guess reading comprehension isn’t something for you. “4th generation”


What I meant is that they never talk about how bad she is at singing , dancing even acting …the only thing she is good at is smiling to camera …that’s why they put that “4th gen” cuz they’re always Scared of the fact that she is the vase of the group

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lol at the sakura and kazuha fans getting all salty in the comments 💀💀

the topic is singing skills and their singing simply sucks. you don’t need to go full stan-mode and make up long winded excuses as to why their singing isn’t good. it’s okay to be honest sometimes… they’re not good vocalists. it’s a fact.


They are disgustingly bad
Eunchae too


Having on your dn and then saying that feels ironic. Please shut up if you don’t want Wonyoung to get dragged.


Wonyoung is on par with Eunchae btw, keep it cute


Eunchae will never be wonyoung she looks like kim sook


thanks god 😂 & wonyoung will look a like donatella versage after few years


It’s crazy how bad Sakura’s “vocal skills” are. Over a decade in the music industry and she can barely hold a note.


She’s just not born to become a real singer


I’d say yeah— they’re kind of bad at singing. Not sure it’s the same thing as tone deaf. I’m not at all tone deaf— I can pick out notes on a piano listening, but I can’t sing. I’ve been too embarrassed to since I was a kid so I don’t have the muscles developed to sing well.

Wonyoung is passable, it’s inoffensive and she’s not main vocal.
Kazuha at the moment is clearly bad, she isn’t a natural born singer. BUT she may be able to improve.
I feel like Sakura may actually be a tiny bit tone deaf. With her attitude, she would try hard to improve but she isn’t.


wonyoung is not passable lmfao


Sakura isn’t tone deaf in the proper sense, she used to be able to sing passably as a kid (check out some of her videos from her time as a child actress before joining HKT).
I think that her time in 48G is what’s had the biggest impact on her skills – none of those girls are given voice training, and they all sing the same notes at the same time so there isn’t any impetus to improve as a vocalist.


Forgetting Eunchae is hilarious
If she was not in hybe, they would have been calling her all kind of talentless
At least these girls are pretty and bring gp attention to their groups

Also Gaeul is awful, she really doesn’t bring anything to the group. Other girls are already pretty and Liz can sing but gets less lines than talentless Gaeul every comeback


wonyoung sings just fine calling her tone deaf is definitely a reach. That one comment is right lets replace her with shuhua


Never heard them sing so can’t tell. Knetz are pretty xenophobic towards japanese or Chinese tho.


I think Kazuha has shown improvement considering she started her idol training literally months before debuting compared to other idols. She just has a deep voice tbf, it’s hard to have suitable non-rap lines for an idol with deep voice. Wonyoung has a decent tone but Starship gives her lines out of her range which is little. She did well in Izone considering the little lines she had, their management pushed her more visually.

Sakura is more dance-suited tbh and she does okay with the lines given which don’t really require a lot of vocal skills but I do agree about Gaeul, i-fans complain about a lack of lines for her but there’s a reason why Starship don’t give her many lines.


I know someone did not bring up Aespa…LMAO


lmaoo at the ppl defending WY. Did we watch the same video? there wasn’t a single note she hit right, this must be pretty privilege at its peak


Idols sing with their face not voice

Seungri Oppa ❤️

They need Seungri oppa to teach them a lesson or two. Seungri oppa is the best vocalist in the whole world.


How are BP girlies always excluded in discussions like these. Jisoo is the most untalented idol I have seen to date. The girl is stiff as hell, with no charms or charisma, no improvement for years and her singing is beyond horrible. Lisa sounds like a goat and can’t even sing her solo live ever bcz of how bad she is. Always relying on backtrack.

Its funny how other idols get dragged for plastic surgery and bad singing yet BP has 4 plastic surgery monsters with 2 of them looking like homeless beggars before getting a new face aka jennie and lisa and they also are consistently bad performers with negative concert reviews. Atleast the girls mentioned above are extremely hardworking. BP provides none of that.


WY deserves her spot on the list for sure


[+23, -72] Why did you exclude Aespa?ㅋㅋㅋ

Um probably because all four Aespa girlies can SING sing!

I also don’t think Wonyoung is tone deaf…it’s just that her voice is weak and she doesn’t have proper control over it…that’s why the notes are all over the place in that clip. Notice how towards the end of her line she corrects herself and lands the right notes.

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why only 3!?


even when sakura talks her voice was wobbly, i guess it makes it harder to control her voice for sing.

kazuha was not that bad, it’s pretty understandable with her background. let’s give her time to improve.

for gaeul i don’t really listen to ive so idk about her 😅

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