TOP 40 most powerful celebrities in Korea in 2023 (Forbes Korea)

    1 BTS
    2 Son Heung Min
    4 Song Joong Ki
    5 Yoo Jae Suk
    6 Lim Young Woong
    7 Son Seok Ku
    8 Jang Min Ho
    9 Jang Yun Jeong
    10 Young Tak

    11 Park Eun Bin
    12 Lee Jun Ho
    13 Kim Ji Eun
    14 Kim Hee Jae
    15 Lee Seung Gi
    16 Lee Chan Won
    17 Cho Gue Sung
    18 IU
    19 Yoona
    20 Lee Se Young

    21 Kim Jun Ho
    22 Lee Jong Suk
    23 Kim Ji Min
    24 Bae Da Bin
    25 Song Hye Kyo
    26 Kim Se Jeong
    27 NewJeans
    28 Kim Tae Ri
    29 Lee Seung Yoon
    30 Jung Dong Won

    31 Park Ji Hyun
    32 Kim Ho Joong
    33 Ahn Hyo Seop
    34 Kim Min Jae
    35 Lee Jung Hoo
    36 Nam Joo Hyuk
    37 Kim Hye Soo
    38 IVE
    39 Song Ga In
    40 Kang Tae Oh

    1. BTS is seriously daebak

    2. BTS ranked #1 for 5 years in a row

    3. IU and Song Hye Kyo, I personally think their rankings are too low

    4. As expected, BLACKPINK climbed to 3rd placeㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    5. BTS is amazing

    6. BTS is daebak

    7. Kingtan

    8. BLACKPINK is doing so well

    9. BTS, BLACKPINK, NewJeans, and IVE are the only idol groups

    10. NewJeans is amazing

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    i personally think IU and shk are lower than they should be. shk have more pull than sjk, to think the glory is on its peak.


    Glory was this year, I assume the data for this is compiled from early/mid 2022 to early/mid 2023. SJK had a hit drama Vincenzo last year.


    fraud list, i didn’t see seventeen and twice


    That’s what makes it legit cause those two are flops


    nobody gaf about them 😂

    Like Crazy

    nobody cares about seventeen lmao but seeing bundlepink instead of Twice the biggest gg makes this list irrelevant


    The gap between BTS’ points and the #2 on the list 💅


    the kings are n1 like always 💅

    dr dee

    where straykids, exo , nct & 17? 😂
    their fans are 24/7 loud about bts lmaoooooo


    In your mind 24/7


    They have been on hiatus for almost 11 months, but BTS is still #1, that’s power. 

    Like Crazy

    bundlepink sneak


    song joongki, lee seunggi & nam joohyuk are there bcs of scandals though, not bcs they are top celebs. The metric almost certainly has things like retweeted or ranking on search engines. These favor those who have scandals a lot. But that doesn’t mean very popular, it’s just very hated and scandalized.


    4. As expected, BLACKPINK climbed to 3rd placeㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    Peak comedy! How is going to 3rd place from 2nd place last year was considered “climbed”?? Then again, their musics r for dumb people


    Only BTS has the actual clout

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