Top 5 first week album sales of all time


1. BTS – MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 (2020) – 3,378 million copies

2. BTS – Proof ( 2022) – 2,752 million copies

3. BTS – BE (2020) – 2,274 million copies

4(NEW). TXT – The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION (2023) – 2.18 million copies

5. Stray Kids – MAXIDENT (2022) – 2.163 million copies

1. Wow TXT sold 2.18 million copies in the first week!!!

2. I guess TXT will explode even more in the future

3. Kingtan

4. TXT has exceeded 2.18 million copies!!

5. Wow TXT is daebak

6. No, TXT is crazy this time, BTS is living in another world

7. Wow, but BTS was able to sell over 2 million copies with just one version, daebak

8. I’m really surprised every time I see BTS album sales

9. Wow BTS is amazing

10. BTS is so cool

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Sophie Kate

BTS at the top, not surprising. I’ll leave TXT alone since they’re charting well in Korea, the US and elsewhere plus they have Coi Leray featuring in a song and are expected to debut on the BB200 & the HOT100. If they fail to debut in the HOT100 they’ll just be like Straykids and Superm, except they’ll be the only ones out of the three that chart well regularly. I’ll come back to poke fun then. Straykids… Fans always using fraudulent tactics to get them near the top.. I just don’t have respect for these fools. I really don’t. And they’ve all done racist shit and some have refused to apologize for it. They just suck. At least TWICE is holding JYPE up.


Txt might not buy it’s gonna be close, currently at #105… Definitely better than skz and sperm, the frauds.


To clarify I meant the hot100


You sure have a vendetta against Stray Kids lol but please, keep it coming. I don’t like them too.


at least last year txt included in the top 10 us pure sales with just 1 album released and somewhere in top5 bb200 I guess? meanwhile skz have 2 #1 bb200 and not even get in the top10 pure sales?


What is not understandable about male groups, is that they manage to enter Billboard #200 but never manage to place a single song in the Hot #100. And then their fans pick on BTS, when they are the only boy group that has achieved that with many songs and managed six times to be #1. 


I think it’s pretty rare for moa to pick on BTS…


Keep crying , SKZ are better than you


txt >>>> straysh!t



WhatsThe Point

And only BTS will be able to top mots7 sales if they release a standard priced album with standard 4 version. Even BE with one $50 version is unbreakable record

Another Guest

Hybe pls release a standard version immediately. Istg BE could’ve beaten MOTS:7 if they didn’t release the standard version 2 months after the expensive one 😒



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