Top female idol groups who have the strongest digital of the 4th generation



1. NewJeans seems to have great influence, they also entered the Billboard chart

2. I love NewJeans’ songs so much

3. If you look at the foreign charts, NewJeans is the one top

4. I always look forward to the songs of these two groups, I like them because they have different styles

5. Just looking at the current development of NewJeans, it seems like IU and Big Bang’s musical class…

6. NewJeans is like S.E.S., IVE is like Fin.K.L

7. I admit that both groups are good at digital, but why are they fighting?

8. I don’t care about idols and I’m an office worker who doesn’t even listen to music these days, but I know they’re doing so well these days

9. I think NewJeans is the one top

10. If you deny this, you have no conscience

11. NewJeans is doing well overseas too.. They seem to be the one top of the 4th generation..

12. I think of these two groups. I’m a muggle, but I really like the songs of these two groups

13. Just like TWICE, Red Velvet and BLACKPINK are on my playlist in the 3rd generation, in the 4th generation, the songs of these two groups are on my playlist

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