Top female idol groups who have the strongest digital of the 4th generation



1. NewJeans seems to have great influence, they also entered the Billboard chart

2. I love NewJeans’ songs so much

3. If you look at the foreign charts, NewJeans is the one top

4. I always look forward to the songs of these two groups, I like them because they have different styles

5. Just looking at the current development of NewJeans, it seems like IU and Big Bang’s musical class…

6. NewJeans is like S.E.S., IVE is like Fin.K.L

7. I admit that both groups are good at digital, but why are they fighting?

8. I don’t care about idols and I’m an office worker who doesn’t even listen to music these days, but I know they’re doing so well these days

9. I think NewJeans is the one top

10. If you deny this, you have no conscience

11. NewJeans is doing well overseas too.. They seem to be the one top of the 4th generation..

12. I think of these two groups. I’m a muggle, but I really like the songs of these two groups

13. Just like TWICE, Red Velvet and BLACKPINK are on my playlist in the 3rd generation, in the 4th generation, the songs of these two groups are on my playlist

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Seungri Oppa ❤️

they forgot another 4th gen girl group, Seungri Hoes

Color color stan

Stop mentioning red velvet, they fell off after bad boy 🙄


Theu really think newjeans get that bbhot 100 because they are that powerful?

They weren’t able to do it untill they being added to tth playlists the biggest playlist in us and in general they are on BIG other playlists


Mind you OMG entered the BB 100 before it even got TTH playlisting…so where do we go from here now


if nj entered the bb100 it is thanks to the payola


if IVE entered the melon it is thanks to the kakao


let’s be real… every 4th gen gg seems overhyped and overrated.

their fans are acting like they’ve achieved the most groundbreaking and legendary records when they’ve just been around for a few months and most of their accomplishments are thanks to mediaplay and payola.

girl groups usually start off really well but 2 years later, they’re no longer the hot new thing and get replaced with yet another younger girl group. look at aespa. they landed one hit song and people were acting like they were bigger than snsd ever was. a few months later the general public forgot about them and moved on to ive and new jeans.

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The only impressive achievement would be aespa performing in domes with no Japanese singles or any known names prior debuting in temporary groups (izone).

Other than that yeah, I don’t believe they’re selling millions either. Maybe aespa bc they have insane Chinese bars but it’s still too much


Where is Jimin?


In bangpd’s bedroom

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