Total payments to idols and celebrities from 4 big companies in 2022

1. HYBE – 232.7 billion won
(260.9 billion won – 28.2 billion won = 232.7 billion won)

2. SM Entertainment – 115.65 billion won (54.93 billion won + 60.72 billion won = 115.65 billion won)

3. YG Entertainment – 98.99 billion won

4. JYP Entertainment – 70.32 billion won (74.52 billion won – 4.2 billion won = 70.32 billion won)

1. HYBE – 232.7 billion won
2. SM Entertainment – 115.65 billion won
3. YG Entertainment – 98.99 billion won
4. JYP Entertainment – 70.32 billion won

1. Wow, it’s great to make a lot of money. They pay more than I thought. This is why idols should go to the big 4 agencies

2. I’m so jealous of them

3. I also want to be HYBE’s idolㅋㅋㅋㅋ I want to debut as an unpopular member of a popular group

4. I don’t know about anything else, but I think YG will pay a lot of money for BLACKPINK

5. YG seems to be good at paying, how much will BTS be paid?

6. Aren’t there less than 50 members in HYBE? Of course, the ratio will be different, but everyone will be rich

7. BLACKPINK must have taken 20 billion won each..?

8. Wow.. BLACKPINK is amazing

9. If HYBE is 232.74 billion won. BTS’s revenue accounts for 65%, so it’s about 151.2 billion won for BTS alone

10. Each BTS member must take more than 20 billion won

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huh jyp is lower than I expected


btw thank you admin for creating the flag button, I know you want to make money from this website but I hope you’re also be able to take care of the comment sections.


flop: reconstructing your own company by yourself?


YG 90% payment goes to blackpink. Meanwhile JYP has 3 active groups (4, if you count niziu) who release multiple albums. And they are paying their artists less than YG? doesn’t make sense


TWICE, ITZY, NMIXX, Stray Kids and NiziU (JYPE 50%, Sony Music 50%).

Salah beli

For YG, are the salaries of actors and actresses also included?

Bring back discuss

SM has far too many active artists to be spending HALF of what Hybe is paying artists.
I’d love to see a breakdown

Taehyung love

Why 😟 dislike 👎? Why 🙁 you 🤔 army 😞 hate 🤔 Taehyung 🥺 so 😔 much 😥


Shouldn’t SM one also include this line 지급수수료.
I mean it is same as the one in HYBE picture but for some reason it isn’t highlighted and counted for SM.
If that is counted then SM total would be around 168 billion won.

Jon Xina

So lets play devils advocate and assume the payments from JYPE are equal to all active artist.

they have 31 active idols in groups, removing JYP himself. So that’s about 1.7m Dollars each. Fucking pathetic. Absolute garbage.

I’m going to assume Itzy got paid A LOT less than Twice and Stray Kids since they brought in a lot less money last year and (hopefully) Niziu made next to 0 Dollars in 2022 since they brought in fuck all earnings that year.

Looking at the numbers Twice brought in most money and Stray Kids trailed behind that. So I’m hoping each member got at least 2.5m each, which is still fucking low.


2.5M and low, lmao


But doesn’t SM have way more active artists than Hybe how are they paying less?


BTS only did 4-day concert in Vegas & one album in 2022?



SM is definitely penny-pinching when it comes to their artists cause they have so much more artists than the other 3 companies here.

BTS will 100% get the bulk of the Hybe payments and will get more $$$ from dividends as stockholders.

Blackpink is basically holding YG up so like BTS majority of the money will also go to them, or Big Bang maybe idk

How many artists does JYP have? Cause they I know they have more artists than YG but are paying less

Salah beli

for YG is this only for idols? not with their actors ?

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