Trailer of Park Seo Joon who appears in The Marvels

Trailer of Park Seo Joon who appears in The Marvels…

1. What is he doing with the Silla golden crown?

2. I can recognize his face, so it’s okay

3. I never dreamed that he would appear as a K-pop idol, it’s okay

4. Honestly, his physique is amazing and his face is still handsome even with that hair

5. As soon as I saw it, I burst out laughing. what is this?

6. Wow, Park Seo Joon is joining Marvel.. This is amazing, I’m so proud~!!

7. I’m satisfied as long as I can recognize his eyes, nose and mouth in the Marvel movie

8. I’m glad he’s human…

9. It’s better than I thought…?

10. I can see his face

11. I’m glad it’s Park Seo Joon’s face, I’m not sure about the outfit

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