Actor Park Seo Joon is dating YouTuber and singer, xooos?

[Exclusive] Park Seo Joon dating YouTuber 1.54 million subscribers… Agency “It’s hard to confirm”

On June 20, 2023, it was reported that actor Park Seo Joon was allegedly dating YouTuber and singer, xooos

On the same day, Park Seo Joon’s agency has responded to the news, claiming that “it will be hard to confirm information about the actor’s personal life”

1. She looks so pretty

2. Really…? This is my first time seeing her… She’s a YouTuber?

3. ???? What???

4. This is my first time seeing her, but she’s so pretty

5. Wow, this woman seems famous, but this is my first time hearing about her

6. She has a lot of subscribers, but I don’t even know who she is

7. Wow I was curious so I watched her video, but she sings well and is really pretty… If it’s true, be happy~

8. She’s a YouTuber that I have seen a lot of her videos covering pop music. She sings well and is pretty

9. Wow she’s so pretty

10. She is pretty, sings well, and is so cute. I wonder how the two of them met

11. She looks like IU

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His fans knew it for long time, said the were seen on date in London.
Can I know where the story from or anyone has the pictures?




Oh, this was the tiktok that I watched talking about it. So it’s true after all.


Apparently that girl is Jennie friend, so that’s how they met each other


That means they are dating circle of friends. He is in V’s circle.
But park seojoon is fvcking mysoginistic man. I hate him.




Isn’t she in Jennie’s friend circle… whatever I hope she knows he have said he wants his woman to stay in the kitchens. Oh how I dislike this park seo Joon bich to even utter his mysoginistic words in public. Poor girl. Hope she comes to her senses asap.


aww, that’s so cute. he’s best friends with tae and she’s good friends with jennie. they’re probably going on double dates together

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