TWICE, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, BTS, NCT, and Seventeen will not be attending awards ceremonies this year?

It’s hard to see them all… But are there any groups that have been confirmed?

I like the 3rd generation

1. Well, there weren’t any groups in that lineup attending

2. They are all so busy ㅠㅠ

3. I miss 3rd generation idols so much

4. BTS definitely won’t attend

5. Looks like TWICE won’t be attending. Nayeon will probably attend Gaon??

6. Why isn’t there any news about Red Velvet and TWICE??? They didn’t promote this year..?

7. I bet BTS won’t attend

8. It’s been a long time since TWICE appeared at the awards ceremony

9. BLACKPINK always doesn’t go to the awards ceremony

10. I don’t think BTS will attend

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I’m glad.

Award shows are a waste of time and energy.

Jon Xina

Agreed…I thought the point of having Hoobae’s was so they could go and attend so companies could keep the shows and networks happy…

Twice, RV and BTS have been to countless award shows and year end shows for the lest 7, 8, 9 years at this point…I know most nets miss them and would prefer them to go, but I doubt very much the members of these groups want another long day of waiting in a parking lot again lol.


BTS is on group break and also in the process of enlisting, how will they go?


Well blackpink on a tour, bt sin on group break and jin will be on military already as i know at that award shows season. But idk about twice


not you getting downvoted for mentioning BLACKPINK 😂


Shows jyp ain’t promoting twice enough this year if the knetz didn’t get any news about them this year. Hopefully they do better next year.
Also twice seems to be working hard for their next year jline subunit debut, comeback and then a full fledged world tour. Waiting for the girls once again.✨


because knetz are irrelevant


Rv just attend


I don’t really mind them not going to award shows but I’m still hoping that they’ll go to KBS/SBS/MBC Gayo


Don’t care anout the award shows but i hope some if not all bts members can still attend the hybe new year concert


well it’s generation shift. It’s over for 3rd generation groups

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