TWICE concert in LA in real time

1. Watching the video, Jihyo is so coolㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. I’m proud that K-Pop idols are doing well

3. Wow, it’s surprising that TWICE’s popularity in the US is huge

4. TWICE is really going to make a lot of money…I’m jealous of the fans there and I’m jealous of TWICE…ㅠ

5. I’m not a fan, but I want to go too. It looks interesting

6. Wow daebak, female idols are doing so well

7. I’m so jealous, I want to go too

8. Seeing things like this makes me think that TWICE’s life will be so much fun

9. Wow, there are so many people… daebak

10. One day, I want to see TWICE in real life

11. JYP is doing well with TWICE!

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Twice best girl group 🫡🫡🫡


I didn’t see midline with a stadium in the USA




I’m not once but I would go to their concert.
I love their new sound and how they still dance hard even after so many years.


Just the tiny clips along makes me want to go to their concert


twice is so, soo cool!! seriously the only group besides bts that I would pay any price to see, no questions asked about it. top tier performers fr.


Who would have thought. There was a time when many k-pop fans used to say that every other k-pop group can be famous in the USA but never twice. Always excluded them.
But look at this now. The groups on that list didn’t but twice did it. Twice even went further than just popularity and performed at sold out SoFi. This is such a huge thing.
Onces should never feel sad. They should know how twice became this twice. From a group who was thought to be diminished after people get tired of their cute concept to the group who is selling out stadiums in two of the biggest music markets in the world.
#1 USA
#2 Japan

Twice have already shut the mouth of their haters long time ago. They are only speaking on anything twice is doing because that burn is still there with them. Let them burn.

Also MiSaMo first concept picture is out today. Check out in their Japan twice profile.
And Momo became Miu Miu’s first Japanese ambassador. Seeing as misamo is coming soon we may hear Sana and Mina ambassador news soon too.🙏


You words Said everything 😭 , so proud of my girls , as a once since debut , i’m really proud of them, they worked hard all these years and they made it 😍🥺 , + if sana and mina are going to be ambassadors , my guess is that sana will take prada and mina Burberry 🤲


Seeing how Sana also bagged YSL Beauty Japan ambassadorship just months ago. I can say these three girlies are going to bag more under them. Looking at how Momo and Sana are currently top two most followed Japanese on ig and Mina will soon catch them up after MiSaMo. I hope their song will be super awesome and also Jihyo solo as well. Onces are always super fed. I can see why other kpoppers may feel jealousy towards onces and often says twice are overworked. When they are only doing individual projects and concert rn.

spicy spice

their energy is just right.

Ladyboy Lisa

That Jihyo girl really something and watching their performance u can just see how much they enjoyed it


I WAS THERE and it was fucking amazing

Teenaged puppy

Tankpink wishes


their performance never disappoint. they always give their 100% at every show

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