TWICE disapointing their fans as they fail (again) to enter Billboard Hot 100 chart

TWICE fans have expressed disappointment and mockery as the K-pop girl group failed to chart on Billboard despite releasing remixes and an English version of their song “Set Me Free” and having heavy promotion on radio and national US TV. Fans took to social media to criticize the group’s lack of success.

There is so remarks Such as : 

“Chaeyoung the n@zi IS the reason of their flop +38 -7”

” k k k k they abandoned Korean market just to flop on all 😂 +82 -10″ 

And tweeter is even more shady toward the ex Queens of Kpop.

However, chart success is not the only measure of success, but their sales are suspicious and they are predicted to drop 90% in the 2nd week on billboard 200, thé worst case for any kpop group since Ateez (Guerilla #3 – OUT)

However, despite not charting, TWICE is a talented and hardworking group deserving of fans’ support.

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I really wonder if chaeyoung didn’t actually care about the t-shirt even if she knew the meaning or she is that uneducated and ignorant.


If she actually knew why the fuck would she wear it AND post it for her 8.6 million followers to see and drag her to hell? Make it make sense 😭😭


so i guess she is just uneducated and ignorant


It’s not surprising that most idols are dumb)

Ladyboy lisa

Why u surprised celebrity are dumb 🤣, want to stan someone smart go find scientist or what 🤣


Chaeyoung being airhead.

mother dozen

genuinely who gaf but this is the most cringe post i’ve seen on here. “tweeter” “ex queens of kpop” blinks, did you forget your meds?! also it’s disgusting to see y’all constantly use the shirt for fanwars as if there aren’t real jewish people hurting from this but what can i expect from the lowest dumbest bitches on earth


Jealous blonk. Won’t change the fact Ready to Be is the most sold kpop album by a gg in the US, way way ahead of bundlepink. And they didn’t need 54 albums versions to do that.


with thousand versions? nahhh keep


hahahahahh show your face flop idols’ flop fans


Im a casual fan of bp but 54 versions ? You are lying.


Somehow I doubt that person was ever a Twice fan, but either way Chaeyoung is weird to me. I could maybe excuse her ignorance once, but first with the Nazi symbolism and then again with the Q anon shirt? Not even a different member, but the same member having racist shirts twice in a row???


The q anon shirt was chosen by the stylist for a stage and also its barely known or heard of.


and like…62,985,106 voted for this ‘orange looking ass” in the USA.


So disappointing. In the end, they are nazi/qanon supporters. Disgusting, flop group. They deserve to flop everywhere.


Lo sé hermana envidias


Y’all this is AI written, that’s why there’s the weird dark background.

Ladyboy lisa

No shit sherlock

Ladyboy lisa

Lol blink is so jobless 😂😂 at least make it believable. Why this site still allow fan post 🤡


2 years for a comeback makes them even more dumber and then they gonna solo stan only one member of the group + hate others. Already can taste the dumb comments after Jisoo solo release.


Flop group, “they are doing well globally at least” LMAOOOOO


Flop group = slutpink


lol only thing you can do is swearing and commenting disgusting things anonymously what elseee?


This post screaming jealous blonks


Yeah, their fans are so disappointed they just sold out most of the stops of their tour including SOFI stadium. Metlife is around 90% sold out too. Great way to show disappointment, right?




meanwhile Twice just sold out Sofi Stadium, the first girl group and 2nd Kpop group in general after BTS to do so


I wish my group flopped this much.. 🙁


Try to make it make sense, why did once always has such a victimized mentality and keeps blaming blinks for hate comments towards Twice? AFAIK, your fandom isn’t that holy and friendly like you guys wanted to portray yourself with proof of pretending to be army/blink to create fanwar between these 2 fandoms and attended bp’s concert just to spread fake rumors that the concert had many empty seats. It’s only now that your fandom is getting more low profile because your idols flopped so hard. It’s cringe how you guys always trying to drag SNSD and calling them have-beens and labelling Twice as the national GG, and now the table has turned and they are doing worse than SNSD who has been in the industry longer. That’s the karma for always dragging other idols

spicy spice

no but your comment reminds me of YG and SM stans esp SEA stans back then. who always said that twice are talentless, can’t sing, flop, can’t speak english but you guys are threatened by twice’s smallest achievements lmao.

speaking of SNSD, do you even know that they are once tried to enter US market but failed? twice’s US achievements are way bigger than snsd’s US achievement thou.


You’re disappointing your parents. Get a job


JYP’s(agency) original charm comes out best when they focus on Korean appeal w/ their GGs. They do not have a sound that really suits American music market.

I remember when Wonder Girls had their American push their music all of the sudden sounded really tacky to me… But I remember when Be My Baby came out and Like This; those were the best.

ITZY did so well from Dalla Dalla to Wannabe era. They had a distinct style and sound that was unique to them. I also really liked Not Shy but I remember a lot of fans didn’t.. and then Mafia needs no words.

Same w/ Twice now. I know they have a lot of fans that like their new sound but for me personally I feel the same thing happening w/ their music where it just sounds out of place to me and doesn’t have the same appeal/charm. Im happy for their success though but it just feels meh.

Miss A is the only JYP gg whose discography holds up from start to finish for me tbh. Every title track was legendary and I have a great fondness for their sound.. They are the epitome of “JYP” sound in my eyes that really represents the agency best and wish they would do that again.

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Ladyboy lisa


a blink cosplaying as an army to set them up. you ain’t slick.


true no army calls taehyung as kim tata lol blinks use that esp on twitter


Who wrote this , of course jealous blonk , f*ck you


Ayy para nada se te nota lo blonk idiota 🖕 no tienes algo mejor que hacer, ya sabemos que envidias a Twice pero esto es así ni modos solo mira como las reinas triunfan


Im unstanning Twice, not because of what Chaeyoung wore, but because Jeongyeon is a fatty. Plz put that ugly fat beast in the gym. #Twicedisband


” k k k k they abandoned Korean market just to flop on all 😂 +82 -10″

Meanwhile, TWICE becomes 1st girl group from any country to sell out California’s SoFi Stadium.
Yes, flopping so much that other flops wish to flop that much.

And how is 1st week 153k and 2nd week predicted around 34k a 90%… lol
Kimtata, you should go back to Twitter cave or the basement you live.


cringe post…


The headline is misleading it should be fans disappointed Twice as they fail (again) to enter Billboard Hot 100 chart.


every troll post about twice by blinks leads to them setting new records 🤭

“TWICE becomes the first female group and first Asian female act in HISTORY to sell out SoFi Stadium.” (cr: @PopCrave)


hmm… let’s see:

– broken english
– terrible grammar
– troll comments used as “evidence”

why do SEA blinks live such sad lives? 😔


user posts keep getting desperate


blinks are so pathetic


User post…just how embarrassing you ppl really are

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