TWICE disapointing their fans as they fail (again) to enter Billboard Hot 100 chart

TWICE fans have expressed disappointment and mockery as the K-pop girl group failed to chart on Billboard despite releasing remixes and an English version of their song “Set Me Free” and having heavy promotion on radio and national US TV. Fans took to social media to criticize the group’s lack of success.

There is so remarks Such as : 

“Chaeyoung the n@zi IS the reason of their flop +38 -7”

” k k k k they abandoned Korean market just to flop on all 😂 +82 -10″ 

And tweeter is even more shady toward the ex Queens of Kpop.

However, chart success is not the only measure of success, but their sales are suspicious and they are predicted to drop 90% in the 2nd week on billboard 200, thé worst case for any kpop group since Ateez (Guerilla #3 – OUT)

However, despite not charting, TWICE is a talented and hardworking group deserving of fans’ support.