TWICE fans attack other K-pop idols for no reason

Though it’s not new in K-pop for fanwars to happen, it is yet another instance where fans have really crossed the line, especially surprising (not) since Twice fans started it, considering they are a so-called “peaceful” fandom and “better” than everyone else.

A ONCE (Twice’s fandom) recently made an edit on TikTok clearly degrading and defaming other K-pop idols and trying to uplift Twice through it. Idols like Rosé, V, Lisa, Wendy, Irene, Chaeryeong, Ryujin, Giselle, Stray Kids and many others were mentioned in a degrading way throughout the video.

Here is the link:

TWICE fans are infamous for always attacking other idols for no reason. They have fought with other fandoms many times, especially with Stray Kids’ and BLACKPINK’s fandoms. Most don’t notice it however, since ONCEs (and Twice as well) don’t make any noise at all, so nobody sees them as a “threat”.

It seems that ONCEs try to pick fights with big fandoms for a bit of fame. One of the members, Jihyo, is having her solo debut soon, so it may be a strategy by ONCEs to attract attention of the other fandoms towards it and it gets traction and views that ONCEs must know they will never be able to achieve by themselves, even if other fandoms only watch it to find faults and attack Jihyo for it. Jihyo and all of Twice will majorly suffer because of it, since ONCEs have attacked multiple artists in one video, so it’s not just one or two fandoms, it’s ten-twentys of them.

I think ONCEs should pay attention to their own idols, rather than doing all this. I don’t think Twice is that boring that nobody can focus on them, not even their own fans. It’s funny too that they are attacking other idols for rumors only, even going as low as to mock Wendy’s severe injury, when their own idols are obviously Nazis, racists, mock other cultures, and suffer from mental and physical health issues. Chaeyoung (from Twice) supports genocide and QAnon; Jihyo/Jeongyeon have mocked Indians before, Momo and most of Twice singing badly at almost every encore and them being caught using lipsync even in “live” performances, and Dahyun being untalented raises suspicions on how she managed to debut. This is just a fraction of what they have done. Jeongyeon suffers from obesity and depression, along with Mina having mental health issues as well and Sana also fainted at a concert, so making fun of someone else’s health issues is also disgusting and cheap.

ONCEs should reflect on themselves and their fave idols before making fun of successful and talented people.

What do you think?