TWICE fans terrorize Lisa’s Instagram

Few days ago Twice Dahyun went live and she was playing songs on YouTube. While playing Twice songs, ‘Lalisa’ by Lisa started playing and Dahyun said she doesn’t have YouTube premium and claiming ‘Lalisa’ by Lisa is the ad she got. Twice fans started being shady towards Lisa for having “ads”. Blinks started clapping back to onces saying “why would Lalisa a year old song will get ads now”, “Dahyun’s auto play was on that’s why Lalisa started playing and she thought its an ad” and they do make sense why would yg bought ads for Lalisa after 1 year of its release. After all these drama both Lisa and Dahyun got dragged by Onces and Blinks respectively. But this drama doesn’t end here, Twice fans were so mad that they started terrorizing Lisa’s Instagram account and started leaving hate comments under Lisa’s post

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