TWICE fans terrorize Lisa’s Instagram

Few days ago Twice Dahyun went live and she was playing songs on YouTube. While playing Twice songs, ‘Lalisa’ by Lisa started playing and Dahyun said she doesn’t have YouTube premium and claiming ‘Lalisa’ by Lisa is the ad she got. Twice fans started being shady towards Lisa for having “ads”. Blinks started clapping back to onces saying “why would Lalisa a year old song will get ads now”, “Dahyun’s auto play was on that’s why Lalisa started playing and she thought its an ad” and they do make sense why would yg bought ads for Lalisa after 1 year of its release. After all these drama both Lisa and Dahyun got dragged by Onces and Blinks respectively. But this drama doesn’t end here, Twice fans were so mad that they started terrorizing Lisa’s Instagram account and started leaving hate comments under Lisa’s post

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blink always play the victim when theyre the most ville fandom in the world. yall the first one who harrassing dahyun and chaeyoung. i wont say getting revenge over sh*tty things is right but stop acting like your fandom is the innocent sh*t


Blinks are mentally deranged. Even your co fandoms said that they saw lalisa ads DAYS BEFORE all of this happened. This is a small issue and dahyun only said that through bubble live and yall slutshamed, called her a racist, bodyshamed her, called her stupid and expect that we dont fight back???


All of these are tweeted before the issue happened. Judge for yourself


Shouldn’t you people apologize to dahyun first and stop playing victim card for once. You have already ruined momoland for literally nothing. This time you people are going too far. Blinks have lost their minds.


So to summarize, fans from both sides are making their own narratives and attacking the people (Dahyun and Lisa) who actually didnt do anything but exist.
Look if you’re involving yourself in the fanwar, go do something else. This is pure stupidity


as always blinks play the victim


But most of these accounts were proven to have just been made and a couple were already shown to be blinks themselves. Creating accounts to attack your own artists is wild.

stupid blinks

a blink writer wannabe stop playing victim card bc from the start that big fanacc who runs a big fanbase talking shit about dahyun calling her different names stupid.

Last edited 20 days ago by stupid blinks

dahyun comments section has been nothing but poop emojis and throw up emojis for the past 3/4 days because she skipped an ad that has be noticed not only by bp fans but Lisa solo stans, but now you decide to write article to twist the story and make it seem like ONCEs are the one being nasty because y’all enjoy enabling bad fans to keep you some coins. maybe get a real fucking job losers. y’all can continue to live vicariously through these idols but at the end of the day you’re poor, you room is dirty, your underwear are crusty and McDonald’s needs a new cashier


Fuck onces and their fav

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