TWICE gets praise for their dancing skills in “SET ME FREE” choreography video

TWICE “SET ME FREE” Choreography Video

1. Watching the choreography video is more fun than the music video

2. I really like the choreography

3. The choreography is so cool ㅠㅠㅠ Every time I see Momo, she dances so well

4. Wow, the choreography is crazy, the members are all good

5. After all, you should watch TWICE’s choreography video

6. I love watching TWICE’s choreography videoㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. I love watching TWICE’s choreography video, it’s really fun

8. I really like this song ㅠ The choreography is good too

9. I feel better watching TWICE’s choreography video

10. They must have practiced really hard, the members are all good dancers

11. They have no dance holes, so it’s fun to watch

12. The choreography video is so interesting

13. TWICE is really good at dancing

14. As expected, TWICE members dance so well

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Saint Seungri

But they cant get the praise for visual or singing or high positions their flop songs in the charts 🙂 who cares + dancing pig its circus lol

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you are indeed need a serious check up. something is definitely wrong with your brain.


Slutpink could never

Saint Seungri

What the slutpink 🙂 the new twice sub unit




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there are so many trash people here, they don’t just criticize bp and other idols they also harass and slutshame. i wonder what are admins are doing about it.


Same thing they are doing when your cofandom is attacking every breathing person that is not BP, I fear… Nothing. Hope that helps.


there are max 5 blinks here at least what I see in the comments, it’s not even a comparable amount of bp antis and blinks that “attack everyone but bp”. I see people write slut, whore, disgusting, ugly, pig, and other insulting things to bp members and I see 0 people that actually say something against this. where were you and others that think blinks attack everyone?

Saint Seungri

no, pigs its only liz and jeongyeon 🙂 no one calls bp pigs

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what a relief


I kindly invite you to check any Jimin or Taehyung related article. It would seem people they are threatened by gets the absolute worst out of your fandom, perhaps you’d even be surprised by the “not (even a) comparable amount of (bp) antis”.

Also to answer your last question, I usually don’t check articles that don’t involve my favorites. I don’t see any point in keeping up with people whom I have no interest in whatsoever 🤷🏼‍♀️

Last edited 13 days ago by stfu bitch
Saint Seungri

pigmin faggot sluthyung leechking. blackpink top 🙂


Thank you for always being there to prove my point, friend, genuinely 😘


I check them I genuinely do. there are of course a few trash comments which I also try to stop too, unlike others. and I would like to invite you back to the latest Jennie post that has been posted 2-3 days ago. I find it extremely funny that you even compare the amount of hate these two get on this page. you actually dare to call out blinks however don’t see the fact that Blackpink gets the ABSOLUTE hate here. sorry but let’s put the hate comments aside, I can’t even post a positive comment without it getting at least 20 dislikes as I got from my first comment that said nothing but protecting idols here.

Most importantly, I don’t think you actually care about these trash trolls’ attitudes and their despicable words. I actually care about sincerity and kindness going on here but I don’t see the same thing from you. You were wrong in replying to me without concerning about these values in the first place. comment me back when you actually care


And this is how I know you are new to this site because all the likes you see for the positive comments directed at BTS come from the NEED armys had to join this site and somehow do some sort of control damage to the disgusting, disturbing comments Bangtan have been continously getting before.

This is a site where everyone is welcomed, and that comes with giving freedom to a lot of people who troll for a living. I feel for yall having to deal with this, because I know how checking these articles hoping to find people with common interest only to be slapped in the face with people attacking your faves unprovokedly feels.
But your cofandom going on articles that have nothing to do with BP, just to hate on others and then cry when their energy is being returned on BP articles also doesn’t help in the slightest bit.

If anything it makes everything worse and provokes people to attack BP even more.


I’m not new to this site you know NOTHING. I’ve been checking here for 2 years not regularly of course. And it was nothing like this before, people were respectful to each other and it was fun. You call trolling and insulting idols freedom and I totally disagree with that it’s actually a crime. You’ve been constantly saying blinks attacking everyone they are monsters bla bla… at this point you are delusional, see the user named “ditto”s comment here and continue to talk about my fandom. I’m not generally talking, it’s just for site: army is literally the WORST fandom. again for this site! prove me otherwise when you see a worse article than this:

there is something wrong with you if you continue to bring non-existing attacker blinks here. you literally protect these trash trolls that I started to think you are one of them.


you can easily comment positively about twice and bts then get too many likes but it’s def not the same for me lol. I of course don’t care about likes but I’m just stating the difference if you still don’t get it

Last edited 13 days ago by mommy saranghae

I have always said to stop slvtshaming or degrading any idol in this platform. I stan twice but it doesn’t mean I am gonna support every other stupidest shit I see online. Even if those comments are in favour of twice I still don’t want it for my girls. Just don’t. Stop it. Resolve your issues.


I’ve been checking on comments for weeks and never saw you or another person trying to stop these trash trolls. also, you’re telling to me to resolve my issues? while they swear and harass women in the comments… at this point, “your girls” would be ashamed of you. I mean it.


Oh yeah…then check the article which mentioned who is currently more popular among men one. I am definitely not gonna be present in every crime scene. I also haven’t seen you trying to defend anyone. Atleast I am trying over here even when your fandom always tear apart my girls over everything.


I’m telling you no positive comment about blackpink gets even positive likes, I saw someone commented nice things about jisoo and it was -20 smth. I admitted bts also gets hate here however there are 2times more army and once here than the antis so they easily get together and bash the antis. And it doesn’t change the fact that I’ve been trying to stop the hate and troll comments if you couldn’t see my comments. Your “girls” get praised by everything here while blackpink gets bashed on everything. Like Jennie attended chanel fashion show and I got shocked by the comments. IM GOING TO STOP COMMENTING IF YOU COULD SHOW ME AN ARTICLE THAT GOT BASHED MORE THAN THAT. Im just waiting for all of you to come at me

Last edited 12 days ago by mommy saranghae

show me worst than that. look at the comments got positive comments. nothing is worse than these comments


One thing about Twice is that you’ll never catch them slipping.. Talk about PERFORMERS 🤌🏻


queens never slacking

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