TWICE has YET to sell out their concerts

TWICE’s 5th world tour will hit several cities across Korea, Australia, Japan, Canada, and the U.S. The tour starts off on April 15 at KSPO Dome in Seoul, Korea making stops in Sydney, Melbourne, Osaka, LA, etc

Their fanbases have claimed that their concerts have been sold out. However, their fanbases have been caught in lies. 


More than 1/3 of the tickets are still left even after being sold very cheap. Lowest tickets being 59$ and the highest being 200$

TWICE has also reduced capacities of their stadiums from 70 thousand to 45 thousand in the Metlife and Sofi stadiums

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Cry , TWICE sold out Sofi STADUIM, TWICE Queens of sold out concert while you are crying here op 不不不


Blackpink also had tickets between 59-79 usd when they put those dates in the born pink tour troll, snd they reduce the rajamangala stadium and all asian stadiums 不不不

no they didn’t its the same capacity bts used 70k is 360 degrees opening seats behind the stage lmao loser


Go learn how concert venues work then come back


blinks are so obvious lol
maybe go worry about BP not selling out stade da france before shading other groups?


The tickets are still available. Even mexico have so many tickets at ticket master JAJAAJ

Novia Fahrunisa

If it’s not sold out then why does YG have to add 1 more show for Mexico, don’t be too stupid that means tickets are added again


lmao lying is blinks thing i guess. he already sold out all tickets available that they have to add other dates (sold out too now). update your info


Bp gives so many free tickets and b1g1 deals too


OP is a Stay but you still choose to insert Blinks of course. Yall will die if you cant insert our fandom in everything. Kinda flattering tbh.

Color color stan

Lol blinks are so funny when deflecting heat


From the last 5 days therere just 12K tickets left and they sold already +210K, they sold out Sofi stadium just in presale and they ad more tickets after that, is a normal thing for Metlife use 40-45K people (rare cases for +50K), why do you need lie for this?

User post aka blinks and stays lmao, I guess they were upset that the official twitter account of stade de france called them out about them lying about selling out, and getting caught about them reducing capacity especially on floor seats

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blinks got called out? Proof? Lemme see the receipt. Drop the ss here

Ladyboy lisa

Hi changbinstones again 不不不 so jobless

blinks and stays always in our business lol


I know why Blinks but why do Stays have beef with Twice?


They want to be called the backbone of jype when they clearly not


They are the backbone of JYPE if we are living in the present time and if we are being honest


lmao where


ok thank you

John Xina

Cos they want to be the bread winner of JYPE but all they have is mass buying. Twice last tour they sold out 100% of tickets and had way more tickets on sale, while in their last tour Stray Kids had several dates they couldn’t sell out even when some tickets were being sold BELOW MSRP.

Even in their big countries like Australia they only had thousands of unsold tickets and now they’re mad a deflecting to Twice who are playing much much bigger venues and have weeks to sell them out.


ok, thank you for the explaining the beef.


its weird tho, seeing how much their faves love and respect twice as their senior


it’s always blink obsessed with twice, Fuck u blink


Thats a SKz stan but still, Fuck you Once!


When u all gonna learn? Stadium capacity =/= concert capacity, unless the artist perform in 360 degree stage


Yeah, maybe they thought TWICE will be there to film soccer for TTT new episodes 不

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When it’s BP being questiones.


I dont know what u are trying to say, but let me bring in BP statistic in arena:
So, since u love US,
Prudential Center:
center stage concert: 16,755
end stage concert: 16,659
BP concert: 23,928 (2 shows); each show ~11,964

United Center Chicago:
Concert capacity: 23,500
BP concert: 25,582 (2 shows); each show ~12,791

The rest, u can find yourself.

Using user post and your logic, why BP can’t fill up 16k and 23.5k capacity?


All that are left are horrible ass nosebleeds/ behind the stage tickets, and premium tickets that TM raised the prices for to almost $1,000 twice literally added more seats because of demand and damn near sold them out again please


all your posts are about twice
your source is trash no one is gonna believe you except ret****d people


“TWICE has also reduced capacities of their stadiums from 70 thousand to 45 thousand in the Metlife and Sofi stadiums”

Well duh, fans can’t see anything from behind the stage. Why would they open seating behind the stage lol – what are they gonna watch, the lights? LOL How are people not aware of this? fr peak stupidity

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Also, your intentions are obvious. You shared screenshots of Taylor in Sofi and compared it to Twice in Metlife. Twice has the same seating as Taylor with the screenshot you have for So-fi.
How disingenuous.


Im no fan of twice but bffr. You can’t have a capacity of 70k if you will have a concert. Because 70k capacity is 360簞 seats. The maximum capacity for a concert is around 50k. The weeknd and BTS capacity is 50k.


CHANGBINSTOES is a loserrrr!!!!! Its the same user who always writes articles to bash Twice. Yall must be dumb as a box of rocks. You cant sell seats behind the stage hence why the reduce the capacity. It happens to every artists who goes there: The Weeknd, BTS, Beyonc矇, Taylor, etc. Yall are so threatened by Twice, an 8 year old group who has achieved more than most artists have. Pann is a toxic environment for loser fans to hate on other successful artists. I hope the person who keeps creating these articles gets their karma. They should also take a shower cause I know they stink all while living in their parents basement. Get a life and leave Twice alone!!!!


What a stupid shit take. HAHAHA! Also, u brainless person should understand that all stadiums reduce their capacity for concerts. What will the audience do thats watching behind the stage? Collect fcking mosquitoes?

Damn, stay pressed my dude. HAHHAAHAHHA


What do u expect from CHANGBINTOES user post 不 She hates TWICE to the core that she would post anything bad about TWICE without through research 不 Girl, calm your pussy and let TWICE breath for a second 不不不


bro here you guys again dragging that girl group. it always don’t end well for you Lmao


Unless TWICE would go film TIME TO TWICE there and play soccer then your claim is valid 不


Changbinstoes I see you , funny that your profile only written 3 articles so far and guess what, all the 3 post are about Twice hate article and fyi the metlife ticket left is a nosebleed ticket so yeah.


I always curious with these kind of people why choose to post bad articles for a grup that you hate rather than post good articles for their faves


their faves are not matching up sadly and it’s embarrassing


You are really a sad people who couldnt accept anyone elses success other than your group and generate a new account only to make fake and misleading posts to demean others.

I feel sad about you and for your parents.
Go to get a job now. Living with a dark heart and bad thoughts wouldnt help your miserable life better.

John Xina

Are we really having a Stay speaking on touring when they did only 84% in a tiny arena in Atlanta for their last tour 不

Not even mentioning they have TWO Australian members and both of their Aussies dates failed to sell out with months of ticketing, while Twice who never even once promoted in Australia sold out 4 bigger arenas than any SK had in less than 20 minutes lol.

Also most of the tickets remaining are either A, platinum, or B, in the case it Truist and Globe Life new sections they added due to overwhelming demand.

I mean Twice will sell this out, unlike Stray Mutts who coul t sell out their last tour in spite of it being in venues 1/4 the size of these.

John Xina

Imagine being a Stay and trashing Twice like they aren’t the bread winner and face of the company you little boys work at.

Like they may as well be Twices employees at this point. Twice out here playing the same venues as Taylor and Beyonc矇 while those little boys can’t even sell out arenas

Seeing Twice being called the backbone, face of, money makers and the group that build JYP Entertainment must have the Mutts feeling like this every day.

I mean Twice out bringing home the bacon while the Stray Mutts are at home in an apron and washing the dishes.

In such a patriarchal society like Korea most won’t even see them as men having to play second fiddle and wash the feet of a Girl Group.


A Stay trying to shade Twice’s ticket sales lol. Maybe talk about how during Stray Kids current tour they failed to sell out several 10k arenas?

Twice are gonna sell 200-250k tickets and there’s probably less than 10k of them left despite Ticketmaster price gouging.

Some of you do literally anything to try and discredit Twice. “they have to reduce capacity” Wrong. They used the same capacity as BTS, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Bad Bunny, etc. “they have to charge cheap prices”. Wrong. Their average ticket price is one of the highest for concerts. Only 10-20 less than BTS. What’s the next excuse?


They are putting an AD of their US tour on Blackpink youtube channel LMAO


you should be concern on how your faves cant sell out their venue for months despite giving out many free tickets and b1g1 deals


Pathetic loser as always. Lol… Blinks, you are so obvious lmao


This is what happens when you let jealous Blinks write articles for you. What a terrible look for this godawful site. I’m now dumber for having read this.


youre honestly lame, reduced capacity for metlife stadium while u showed SOFI STADIUM. you honestly cant get any dumber. twice had full capacity for sofi stadium (capacity wise). you cant expect them to have seats available behind the stage. and some of those tickets available shown were literally added. yore so embarrassing


We get it “Changbintoes” you are really pathetic and salty about TWICE… why don’t you make one about that recent JYPE article that confirmed TWICE is the pillar of the label? Or an article about BP’s tour being THE kpop embarrassment? Or you’re too salty for that?


Flops. A group that hasnt shown any improvement since debut deserve the flop


The fact that this writer only wrote all the bad things abt twice FANS BEHAVIOUR LMAO


I didn’t know there’s actual people who believes this changbinstones person


Imagine being this obsessed w twice


Cuz the prices are ridiculous. Holy crap.

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