TWICE is quietly getting bigger in the US?

For K-pop, TWICE is second only to BTS on Billboard album sales this year

They are the only female idol in the top 10 (9th place)

If you only consider female idols

1st place is this year’s TWICE album, 2nd place is last year’s TWICE album, and 4th place is Nayeon’s solo album

TWICE is the most streamed group on US Spotify this year among female idols

[+93, -20]

1. [+29, -0] Wow, it’s amazing that TWICE started gaining popularity in the US this year, and they’re still so popular in Japan

2. [+26, -2] The only female K-pop idol on the US Billboard 200 artist chart

3. [+25, -2] Their song even received gold certification in the US! It’s digital

4. [+15, -1] TWICE is daebak ㅠㅠ

5. [+12, -1] Until early last year, when people heard news about TWICE’s activities in the US or their concerts, people would ask if it was JYP’s American disease. TWICE is doing well in the US, so it’s good that they don’t get ridiculed anymore

6. [+9, -0] Hul I didn’t know.. TWICE is amazing

7. [+6, -0] I love TWICE so muchㅋㅋ

8. [+6, -12] But why didn’t they make it to the Hot 100?

9. [+5, -0] TWICE is the best~

10. [+4, -4] They are similar to NewJeans and IVE

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Seems like kblinks can’t digest the fact there too.


blackpink is more popular in usa. that’s it. that’s the fact


Oh really my uncle don’t know about them. But he knows about BTS. He lives in la btw.


They are not. I live here and travel around a lot. no one knows them girlies. No commercials. No radio. No celebrity mentions. No presence.

GP know BTS and Gangnam Style. That’s it.


Well it’s unfair to conpare twice to BP they didnt have any spotify deals.


y’all always using spotify deals as a shield but even without spotify deals bp stream number always higher than twice since forever. they have more longevity in bb200 than twice in the end lol
twice get the most streamed bc the tracking period counted their album from last year too meanwhile bp only have one new album since 2020
do the math


And what’s wrong with artists with good amount of songs? It just shows that the artist is putting more genres on their plate of art rather than putting only one thing.
You can be a fan of that thing but most of us aren’t. Twice is doing more versatile concepts than bp in music that’s why their even previous songs are getting streams with newer ones combined. This is not shameful for an artist so kindly change your narrative.


Yawl not no where near out streaming BTS in the states. Your competition is literally Twice and stray kids. Like stop the delusions. You couldn’t even outsell twice’s album without lowering the price dirt cheap and begging for sales and even then only 1k difference in sells.

BP purposely come back only during empty houses and then brag about numbers but even a empty house this comeback was beating yawl ass. Yawl needed that Spotify deal. BP knew and it’s high time y’all accept it as well. You are not BTS competition.


And twice being on the list doesn’t have anything to do with midpink not being on the list..don’t blame twice for it..bp could’ve entered the list irrespective of twice …it’s top 50 groups in the US and twice literally occupied just 47/50 position but blonks are downgrading them like there’s no tomorrow .


u act like twice would ever bit blackpink. be serious


Your username is lol why should we believe a person whose username is so uncreative. Like f* off.


#10 bp is similar to them too when you take away Spotify deals. Blinks always downing other women but claim to be feminist. Tuh.


the feminist bullsh*t only for them and their rats gangs, the competitors are not included


y’all so out of reality it’s crazy
bp always ahead in us spotify stream even before any deals. they still have yet to break ktl spotify record. even without those deal bp will still have similiar number
Bp already make it into hot 100 and bb 200 before any us label or us distribution at all meanwhile other gg you ass licking only can enter hot 100 with english song
do the math


Dude get a job like seriously. You are talking about bp under twice article. Like you need serious mental health check. Go get checked.


Bp and YG scheme their way to fraud achievements. Thai bot farms and comebacks during inactive periods.

Your girlies latest comeback was nearly entirely English and still no one wanted it. You don’t have the fandom in the us that you so desperately want. Your numbers are closer to Twice than they are to BTS so I don’t know why you blonks are so full of yourselves when it comes to your fellow kpop groups. Maybe stop asslicking white executives and see where your dozens land on charts.

Theres a reason you never see BTS members having dinners with these ceos. It’s because they don’t have to. The have the fandom and gp support. bP has back room deals and bot streams.

They are not the same.


Help blinks aren’t feminists just because they don’t act like armycels. And bps number isn’t similar to twice even in 2019 let alone 2020 both without Spotify deals. You really think free streams will tenfold their streams? You betters will believe anything it’s sad.


kblink are so poisonous, they actively harrasing the competitors


Whether its korea or SEA or US or Stan twitter, Blinks are always bullies

Dot Com

Bp raised their fandom in their Regina George wannabe image



WhatsThe Point

Not a fan but if jyp promoted twice properly in US they could do much better.
I mean they’re so good in japan


I think their US fandom getting stronger. They even have higher album sales than blackpink in first week. Its show how strong their hardcore fandom. Yes, bp still have more casual fans due to them have more streams in first week but its clear twice seem having more hardcore fans in US.

Also its impressive how their streams for whole year is highest for gg. I heard they only have 1 korean cb. BTS also have 1 cb. Seem like people streaming twice past discography enough to get them getting most streams. Blink should not drag twice for this because isnt they claimed their faves so popular, so i guess people should also streamed their past discography as well. But still twice has the highest one.

I think their success in US very organic. They even only added their 20k stadium after sold out tour in US. When its come to twice, jyp still playing safe for them.


Y’all keep shading bp with organic this organic that but pretend to be blind that BP already charting in hot 100 and bb 200 since 2018 without any US label, US promo or US distribution for album at all.
twice doing slightly better than bp in one area suddenly they’re bigger than bp ?
BP still the one with many US achievement this year including US grossing number for concert
twice get full tracking period for spotify in US that counted their album from last year too meanwhile bp only have one new album with 3 months tracking period
like yeah twice definitely growing in US but they still not bigger or even equal with BP


Well anything is possible


shhhhh worry about BP’s upcoming disbandment. you’re mad whenever organic is mentioned, but it really is the case for twice. They have grown without deals and collabs left and right. Not Twice’s fault you can swallow the fact.


BP not going to disband babe, you will see it very soon lool
Talking abt organic, BP already make it into US main chart since rookies days and keep having natural growth after that. even without spotify deals bp always ahead in spotify than twice with huge gap lmao
twice only can enter hot 100 and bb 200 after us label, us distribution and ENGLISH song. till now they still can’t chart in hot 100 and bb 200 Simultaneously with korean song.
Bp can do it in rookies days without even stepping their feet in us or any us gig at all lmao


And what will they exactly do even if they sign contracts together? Yg is already planning to debut YG ngg next year. They will sign to only have one cb per that contract and then not show you guys anything. Cause it’s already obvious as even ARTISTS have stated after resigning contract your activities kind of get minimised. And their activities are already severely minimised. If you were a loyal fan of bp you would never want them to resign that shitty contract with YG and go their ways to showcase more to the world.


Midpink disbanding. 🥰


Listen how about you check your bp (blood pressure) cause I can see you are being very pressed in this comment section about someone who is merely praising twice for something.

Real Walaun

Blackpink need to setup streaming farm at US also, why only focus at SEA 🤭🤭🤭


blinks are so bitter and miserable that twice, another girl group, is pulling these numbers without any collaborations, mediaplay, aggressive playlisting, 360 spotify deals and meetings with the ceo, and trying to appeal to western standards

Jon Xina

The onlyy thing BP have is ludicrous deals with Spotify. Appearing on every major playlist on D1 and staying in high spots on that playlist for weeks isn’t popularity, it’s paid for and seeing the bias Spotify has for them and the girls constantly clinging to the CEO we can see why their streams are massively inflated.

They have as much playlisting in the US as Taylor and Olivia only the latter two are household names while Blackpink is beyond nugu in the US lol


Comments crying over kblinks clocking their delusions lmfao. Twice will never even be on bps foot in the us and that’s ok.


They are really close in the me..beggingpink has all kinds of back room deals, spotify playlisting and mediaplay but still twice is the most streamed one on spotify

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