TWICE is the epitome of pretty girl next to pretty girl

Seriously luxurious and elegant..

[+248, -76]

1. [+94, -3] What’s more strange is that they don’t seem to have the same or overlapping feeling. They are all attractive with no flaws in their looks

2. [+75, -4] TWICE is the epitome of pretty girl next to pretty girl because the members are all pretty, but they’re all pretty with different vibes

3. [+52, -3] Seriously, the legend of the bouquet effect

4. [+47, -3] They look harmonious, their visuals don’t overlap

5. [+21, -0] The phrase ‘pretty girl next to pretty girl’ appeared for the first time in TWICE

6. [+20, -29] Except for Dahyun, they’re all pretty

7. [+11, -3] I love TWICE so much.. Even though I’m not ONCE, I like TWICE the most among female idols

8. [+10, -0] TWICE started ‘pretty girl next to pretty girl’

9. [+6, -1] They are all pretty

10. [+5, -2] I don’t think there will be another group like TWICE…

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Korean are bored : let’s talk about faces for the 1000 time

6. [+20, -29] Except for Dahyun, they’re all pretty

Wtf ? She looks so fine and has her own aura , I don’t know if she did surgeries , but at least she looks different in beautiful way unlike the plastic monsters who look exactly the same !!


dahyun pretty below average looking
look like any korean on the streets


I’ve seen Asianboss running around Korea making a survey and nahhh, no way Dahyun looks like them, you trippin bruh


I don’t think so , she has something unique that makes her face glow comparing to others , i see her very attractive !!


You stan bp don’t you? The major victim player fandom of k-pop to ever exist. Also the major liar one…


Beauty is subjective tho, I also dont find Dahyun pretty, same with Seulgi, I thiught it was because of their monolids but i do find yeji and mina (girls day) stunning, so maybe is another thing

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Dahyun is so pretty wtf are they talking about


My dubu wubu got haters even here❤️❤️ she got hoes madd as she should


Seriously it’s quite hard to make another ggp like twice. I am not talking about the concept but their whole being. From the way they look so beautiful and to the way they all are so genuinely happy to be together as a family. Work their asses off and always gives bangers after bangers. And now is executing their talents with their solos. And how almost all of them are invested in making music and they display their work with proud. Is one of the most humble groups out there in kpop. Would support their juniors no matter if they belong to their company or not. Would support anyone. One of the groups who are always thankful to their fans and will always fed them up. They are so much more than just a visual group.
So proud of them. Even in their 7th year they are still growing strong as twice and regardless they are a family.
It’s actually gonna be pretty hard to make a girl group like twice. Doesn’t matter of they top the charts or not. Onces are always gonna support them no matter what.


and the best part about them is that all of them seem like genuinely kind and loving people



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Winter bear

But no one gonna talk about how their skills aren’t improving after all those years


We can be extra mean to you and your faves if you don’t stop spitting bulls everywhere.


So you admit to listening to them throughout the years? Enough that you’re able to determine progress? Wow, we have a closeted fan, ladies and germs lololol.


I mean their encore are well known enough tho. It went viral everytime of how bad they are as a singer


please stop skipping school, little sea blink. your english teacher hasn’t seen you since january 😢


your mom cries herself to sleep every night wishing she would’ve taken that pill on that day


Goddamn you guys are brutal lmao.


What’s crazy is during tour there was nothing but praise about their skills


lip sync skills?


shut up whip it whip it


that’s crazy because dahyun may not be the most beautiful according to korean beauty standards (monolids) but i’ve always thought she’s pretty. her and seulgi are similar


Those are just dahyun anti don’t mind them. General Korean public says that twice is the most beautiful kpop ggp out there. That each and everyone can be the visual of the group. They all execute different unique charm and beauty which is captivating.


Who dare try to come for my girl, Dahyun?!


Much better than New Jeans who all have the same faces.


shut up blink


Twice are literally new jeans mothers. No one asked for your shitty opinion blink.


Not a once but I always find them unique among all kpop ggs. they have different auras and visual. different personalities too but somehow they mix so well they’re the prettiest gg I’ve ever seen


Used to be but now jeongyeon kinda looking like a mom with 4 kids. Thickkkkk


You were picked up from a dustbin and your parents still regret picking you out from there.
They are planning to throw you out. Just saying you beforehand so that your unemployed ass can look for a job asap.


Only Tzuyu and jihyo can be call pretty here


Just like your username nobody loves you, nobody supports you, nobody wants you, nobody is gonna give you a job too.


another blink, another broken english comment ☹️


Okay grammar police


I just love these girls😭😭
Please never change twice 💖

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