TWICE is the most streamed girl group on Spotify in the US because BLACKPINK has so few songs?

The most streamed female idol on Spotify in the US


1. TWICE is more popular in the US than I thought

2. I’m really surprised that they do better in the US than I thoughtㅋㅋㅋ

3. TWICE is doing so well in the US, but why isn’t JYP bragging about it?

4. Wow, TWICE is amazing.. I was surprised

5. JYP, why don’t you brag about it?

6. I thought it was BLACKPINK

7. In the ranking of K-Pop idols, the female idol with the highest ranking is BLACKPINK, right?

8. Looks like TWICE’s popularity in the US keeps increasing

9. No, why do you keep mentioning other singers in TWICE’s post?

10. Isn’t it BLACKPINK? Is it because BLACKPINK has so few songs?

11. Why are you guys commenting on another group in this post?

12. TWICE is daebakㅋㅋㅋ I like all of their songs

13. It’s annoying that you guys keep mentioning BLACKPINK in TWICE’s post

14. BLACKPINK is the most popular girl group in the US. It’s because BLACKPINK has few songs

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BP is a bubble made out of mediaplay and endorsements. Blinks can disagree all they want, but it’s true.

TWICE have grown slowly, but organically all this time despite little to no efforts from JYP. I’d dare say they’re more of a hindrance to their success if anything.

But I wasn’t done…

Blanks being desperate again. The US doesn’t care about midpink. Girl groups, especially nonblack ones, don’t do well in America and BP is no different. media play and BTS coat riding is why ppl think they are bigger than they are.

Real Walaun

🤣🤣 blackpink only got streaming farm at SEA, they should’ve focused to built one in US…

spicy spice

14. BLACKPINK is the most popular girl group in the US. It’s because BLACKPINK has few songs

blame ur fav, who can’t produce or even write songs.

I love blackpink

Blink try to say put out more music is bad 😭😭😭


Exactly when was putting out more songs was a bad thing. This generation have very deranged way of thinking really. Or maybe only blinks.

WhatsThe Point

The unending excuses for bp are astounding


But twice dont have free spotify deals, western collabs,etc. Such an excuse for blink. Bp already got lower album sales than twice for first week. Its very clear that bp is losing their hardcore fans in US. Their streams even lower than the album despite whole free spotify deal. While twice seem increasingly having more hardcore fans looking at their album sales still increasing n even already surpassed bp. Show that mediaplay no longer really affect much to kpop fans in US for bp.


Seriously why tf are you keeping mentioning singer- oh sorry my bad influencers in the post that’s not about them but about twice.
Then you act like why onces are mad about said influencers. Maybe if you will stop inserting them everywhere. We will stop mentioning them also. Tbh I don’t even wanna mention them or their fandom anymore but these biches keep on provoking me. So i have to. Just live your life. Twice still making millions while you’re wondering why your influencers are not in certain and certain list.


Twice fandom in usa is becoming more hardcore day by day. And ppl love when artists have different songs by them to enjoy. It’s not a drag. Incase it’s a drag for those artists who doesn’t put out much songs in their plate to showcase.
Any artist should have songs of every genres and souls. If twice have put out that much people should applaud them and not say that they have more streams than another influencer cause those certain influencers have bare minimum songs in their discography. You should ask your influencers why are they not putting out songs for you then. And most importantly when those said influencers songs are only based upon what their haters think about them you can only guess they only care about their haters and less about their fans.


So here’s my two cents.

I think the US is solidly BTS land and since blinks have made themselves an enemy to Armys they don’t tend to give BP the attention they need. Gp don’t care about kpop and BP nor do they know they exist so it wasn’t wise to attack armys. Once’s and armys more or less get along so I think they are more likely to stream and buy they music without bad feelings.


Well I was an army before becoming a once so yeah I agree with you on this.


its true most armys even if theyre hardcore ones who hate multis still listen to groups like twice or mamamoo once in a while but never bp lmao


It’s like they’re people who just like good music.


Not exactly. As a fan of bts we tend to like similar kinds of idols who show passion, enthusiasm and hardwork when it comes to music. Everything about bts and BP from their music to reason of fame and success is polar opposite.

BP doesn’t release much songs while bts have already released tons in their career, BP neither promotes, nor goes on Korean variety shows or have any content, interactions with fans meanwhile bts thrives on fan interaction, run bts, bon voyage, summer package, memory dvd release, etc. BTS have a very wide range of discography while BP are stuck with the same concept for years. BP rely on their image, concept, photoshoots, cf deals and brands/fashion stuff while bts rely on their artistry and the recent concert showed how phenomenal bts are as performances while BP has always been underwhelming, inconsistent and lazy and prioritised their modeling career. If people like bts for everything mentioned above then it is impossible to appreciate insta models like BP who can’t even hold a pen nor work hard. Their bored attitude onstage is specially astonishing and I can’t understand how their own fans don’t feel humiliated by it cuz BP girlies look like they would be anywhere but not onstage.

Twice on the other hand work on the same idol formula that made bts successful hence armys appreciate them more than lazy midpink. The girls are humble, passionate, hardworking and has a good work ethic and bond.


Blinks love to use the “feminism” card to victimize their faves yet be the very first people who shit on other successful women lol


Bp has ALL the advantages over twice bc they are pushed so hard in the u.s.
They have spotify deals with crazy amount of playlisting thanks to their relationship with head of spotify music, mediaplay, the industry pushes them so hard its crazy. And them blinks go and trend “no promo did that” lmao.


comparing fakes to real performers and artists like twice sigh


Blinks inserting their d!ck inside every single posts about twice. Pathetic mfs


lmao and what is blonks excuse for the fact that bp concert are half empty?


blinks taking L after L 💀💀

Stay away from bangtan

No , because people in the US listen mire to twice than bp that’s why they have higher numbers


twice is organic popularity. no one I know likes bp anymore lol


You know blinks are hypocritical mfs cause first look at this tweet then look at second tweet by them


Now look at this one


They are preaching about how people treat women meanwhile treating another women like this. Oh I have so many more receipts about these so called woke women rights mfs. They will demand respect for their faves but will drag other women for mud into nothing.
Biches i hope more karma comes to your way.


You know it’s actually a gold mine cause look at this


Now look at this one


Also look at this


I won’t post more i hope this one is enough for these blonks bullies to realise how hypocritical they sound about everything


I know I said I will stop but I had to post this. First look at this profile


Now look at the stuffs they retweet


Now look at the stuffs they write about other female idols


I won’t be censoring any of their names cause none of these deserves any protection at all. Drag them if you see them being hypocritical. That’s all I wanna say.


What makes me proudest of Twice is their ability to deliver different concepts and try different genres. I applaud then for not limiting themselves. They could you have stuck with cute and rode it out, but they grew along with their music and hence attracted listeners who used to avoid them a lot at first.

hatice Sultan

This year Twice released only one EP, whereas Blackpink a full album

hatice Sultan

Twice always sing live on their concerts, americans highly appreciate that


Given that their sales in US has only a 1k difference I’d believe it either way but perception wise twice is more popular in the US than people think and BP is not as popular as people think


TT is still in my Top10.


Twices us concerts sold out within minutes btw


The obsession with blackpink since their toure started lol

rent free lol


arent you blonk who obsessed? get a mirror dude


See kids if you actually put out music and don’t starve your fans for the barely anything you will actually get good results in the long run!


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You’re toxic

Calling other people toxic but proceeds to be toxic is a little ironic don’t you think? Fan wars start because of people like you. Believe it or not but your idols are friends with the same idols you’re bullying on the internet. Honestly I laugh at trolls like you guys because you’re not going to change people’s opinion. I hope you internet warriors get a life and get a reality check that life is more than being a toxic person on the internet. Don’t bother bashing me trolls, I’ll be too busy living life.


So does this mean bp isn’t popular in the US as I thought
Also pls can someone explain what is the deal with boand spotify and also them falling off Spotify charts and losing followers or something coz I don’t understand

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