“TWICE Jihyo flopped, I didn’t even know she debuted solo”

TWICE Jihyo flopped, I didn’t even know she debuted solo

As soon as it came out, it fell off the chartㄷㄷㄷㄷ

There’s a big difference compared to Nayeon

[+177, -90]

1. [+146, -35] I think Jihyo’s singing style is old since 2015

2. [+124, -48] Jihyo has no charm

3. [+98, -27] I don’t even want to bash her

4. [+72, -12] TWICE didn’t even get response with their album, so what do you expect from their solos?

5. [+67, -13] Who said Nayeon flopped? She’s #2 on the daily chart, #54 on the annual chart

6. [+63, -19] Where is #1 on foreign charts? No US, only Southeast Asia listen to her song

7. [+49, -12] I’m really sorry, but at this point, Nayeon should make a comeback

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Well, that’s an unfortunate for y’all cuz the whole album is good)


She’s actually doing well considering Jype barely promoted her and yt deleted 90 percent of her views she literally debuted top 5 on Spotify global and US charts and #1 on top songs


Must be hell to be so numbers driven – can’t even like a song unless it goes number 1


You can tell the post is infested with blinks from that bs twitter screenshot


She sold nearly 500K. Even if she doesn’t do well on the digital platforms, she has a solid fanbase who has bought her EP.

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