TWICE Sana’s recent beauty in real life

TWICE Sana’s recent beauty in real life

She became even prettier than before

Did she lose more weight?

She’s been pretty for the past 9 years

Misamo coming soon~~

[+222, -51]

1. [+99, -19] Seriously, isn’t she the prettiest among female idols?… Her face is uniquely pretty ㅠㅠ Sana is not only pretty but also has her own charm

2. [+91, -13] Sana, Mina and Nayeon are flawless

3. [+55, -7] Seriously, Sana is the standard of cute and sexy ㅜㅜ Even her actions are like that ㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+46, -7] For real, she’s so cute and she’s f*cking pretty..

5. [+30, -7] She’s so pretty… No Sana no life

6. [+18, -7] She has such a lovely image that I can’t hate her ㅋㅋ

7. [+18, -5] I don’t understand when they say that Sana and Sullyoon look alike, but the 3rd pic really reminds me of Sullyoon

8. [+12, -6] She’s pretty, but Mina, Sana and Momo release their own albums? Who sings? Guest singer?

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Well she is a goddess. Hope she gets more lines in new upcoming songs of this subunit. In both bouquet and marshmallow she got the least. She is a pretty good singer who can do deep voice perfectly fine too and her voice is also very pretty. Was kind of bummed seeing onces ignoring her and not praising her enough. Seeing her I know she won’t mind it but it can impact her self confidence a lot too. Especially when currently she was looking ill in concerts. Onces should also praise her alot. I didn’t see many tweets about her. Only her own fanaccounts were posting about her. Now I am not exactly a once but it seems like onces don’t really like her…I hope it’s not true. I mean I see onces barely talking about her even when she is also someone who debuted with the other two. Personally I don’t care about lines distribution too much. But if fandom support is not there then it’s super problematic. And onces are not really being supportive towards her. It makes me sad for her and her fans. Hope her fans can trend ht for her debut member as a subunit and praise her voice a lot too. Onces can also do it. It’s not hard. But if you want to. Her sound was needed in that song and it balanced that song completely. Hope she gets most lines in TT. As in bouquet momo got the most and in this Mina got the most. Sana has least lines in both so I will be happy if she gets most on TT.


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