TWICE who wrote new pages of girl group history

TWICE who wrote new pages of girl group history

For girl groups

100,000 copies in the first week

First girl group to have 10 million copies in total album sales

First dome tour

First stadium tour

They are the history of the 3rd generation girl groups.. Can a girl group like this appear again?

1. They also have songs that are #1 on the yearly chart

2. TWICE is daebak

3. TWICE is the best ㅜㅜ

4. Seriously cool

5. It’s not a stadium tour, but the places where they hold the stadium concert are Tokyo, Osaka, LA and New York!! Other locations are dome or arena!!!

6. TWICE is seriously cool ㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠ

7. Hull stadium tour

8. Stadium tour??

9. Those who are fans of K-pop now, when they are in their 30s later, when they think back to their school days, they will think a lot about TWICE’s songsㅋㅋㅋㅋ I really listen to TWICE’s songs a lot.. Every song is precious, it contains all my memories

10. Seriously, they’re the legendary girl group

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Legendary status achieved


Quietly and without mediaplay


This article is the mediaplay…


But it’s not ?? It’s a post made by a knetizen, it wasn’t written by a journalist paid by JYP


jyp staff wrote this article. that’s why you didn’t see any article hyping about their comeback or how nj korean song charted on hot100 longer than Twice.

John. Xina

What are you talking about? This is a fan post with 600 views? You moron.

We know BPs fans come from 3rd world shit tips with terrible education but please learn to read dumbass.

Not everyone builds their career with free streaming deals, fucking CEOs and mediaplay like you ugly whore faves.


legendary for falling out of the kpop chart. Not even konce could save them. 4th gen charting better than them in korea and the west.

John. Xina

4thbgen meaning New Jeans? Well those same 4th gen just out streamed every BP release in the west with less than 50% the playlisting, no radio deals and no free streaming week from Jeremy..

Also out did BPs whole last album they hyped for 2 years only to get out charted by I’ve, LSF and NJ so are we sure you should be speaking on 4th gen… Lol

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As jeongyeon wanted Twice got a name in k-pop history. And more to come…twice is not going anywhere we are not going anywhere

seungri is free

Jeongyeon first pig in kpop history 🙂


Seungri is first pimp in kpop history🥇. Legendary.


A lot of ppl try to downplay twice success but they truly ruled their generation they literally made gg physical albums having high sales a whole “trend” to the point where they were the only ones competing with bg jyoe doesn’t brag enough about them for me

seungri is free

who cares about sales when they voiceless, 0 dancing, uninteresting ugly fillers with ouеdated songs 🙂

Last edited 1 month ago by seungri is free

And then there are people saying Twice is falling of


Congrats twice, without mediaplay unlike 😏




them outselling bp, supposedly biggest gg in the world, in the usa is the most shocking thing to me, ngl. iirc, they were the only kpop gg whose youtube? i think top 10 ww cities had an american city(i think it was la), unlike bp that had south east and south america/asia. nothign wrong with that, it’s just blinks were screaming non stop how the group would never be on bp level in america yet look at what twice is doing in their 8th year.
and they only started promoting there in their what 6th year? with no western elements that bp has
all these years having been told that cute concepts don’t work in america, only girl crush yet here they are. bp are popular, but not the way i thought they were
media play is a scary thing.

seungri is free

First group with all ugly members 🙂


Knetz will beat you up for saying this before we do


Not while lisard alive 🤣

John. Xina

Ugly members? Maybe your 4 sti infested whores.


Twice hate is seriously unnecessary in every aspect. I mean the girls are hardworking and good people who are down to earth. And also serves bangers in each song.
Ppl just hate good ppl it seems.

tour guide

world tour but only north america and japan. do they know what world mean? they need to educate themselves.


It’s just part 1.. duhhh stupid

John. Xina

You must have missed the parts where they have two large venues in Australia and Korea…which correct me if I’m wrong are not part of Japan or NA right?

Not forgetting the more dates to come. You are aware Twice has already sold tens of thousands of tickets in SEA in the past right?


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when you love your job, your supporters and your teammates >>>>>>>

twice are amazing.


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Twice still hold the ngg title too, maybe it’ll pass on to 4th gen this year.
I’m rooting for nj or ives.

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