TWICE’s concert today is legendary of all time

Fireworks are crazy…

1. The scale of the concert is crazy

2. People said that they are so satisfied with TWICE’s concerts, I really want to go..

3. Wow it was so much fun

4. I’m so jealous of them, I want to go too

5. TWICE seems to be really popular as a Japanese national girl group… It’s amazing that female idols hold a concert of this scale

6. They spent a lot of money

7. I want to go there someday, it must be fun

8. I got goosebumps…

9. Why am I not among those 60,000 people?

10. Wow, the atmosphere is great

11. TWICE… Can’t we hold a concert at Jamsil Stadium…?

12. Daebak ㅠㅠ The atmosphere is crazyㅠㅠ

13. I really want to go

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what a vibe !!!!

Ladyboy Lisa

The best gg holding stadium concert at 2nd biggest music market itw


they’re coming to america in the summer!
soon they’ll hit the biggest music market with a stadium tour!


Their Japanese songs are so much superior to Korean ones, I’m really jealous


unlike tankpink can’t dance can’t sing boring songs and only 1 hr and you have to pay them $1,000


Obsessed rats, focus on yall flop oppa instead

pigmin jhorse ratjoon flopga hagjin jungcock slvthyung

Twice cant sing too, only Nayeon and Jihyo trying, others voiceless. They have more boring songs, their songs for 40yo single womans. Main strong members of twice are Nayeon, Jihyo and Momo, others untalented easily replacable fillers and most of them ugly like Dahyeon and Jeongyeon. One of the worstest line-up in kpop.
Blackpink better in all the ways. And im not blonk

That is exactly a person who is unhappy, cant afford to buy tix and no friends would say

All twice members are way more talented than you ever will be. Let’s start from there first. Not to mention even a single twice member can easily buy you and your entire family.

At the end of the day Twice are rich and popular but you are not. Take this as a reality check.

super sally

lol the only place blandpink can go is SEA and that is even with excessive mediaplay. Your faves get ignored in Met and Cannes, have the first non sold out cochella since 2011 and yet to sell out their concerts, have locals dissing them whenever they pop out randomly, needs dating rumors to fuel peoples interest in them, and dont forget they couldn’t even fill out a 1000 seat fanmeeting.


i’m a casual twice fan and went to the atlanta concert last year and i had a blast.


glad you enjoyed it 🙂


7. I want to go there someday, it must be fun

you and me both ;_;
one day i will see you in the glorious nippon


Me three🩷

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