TWICE’s Hot 100 Desperation

Getting on the Billboard Hot 100 is a dream for most K-POP groups and that’s prone to TWICE as well. Twice has been on a journey to get on the Hot 100 and having a solid US fanbase ever since 2021 and to an extent, 2020.

How to get on the Hot 100 is by having streams, sales, and radioplay in the US. Most K-POP groups cannot rely on radioplay since US radio stations don’t play songs in Korean. So mass-buying is probably the best way to get into the Hot 100.  

Adding remixes for songs also counts towards the Billboard Hot 100. A lot of K-POP groups and artists in general uses remixes to try get fans to buy them in order to top the chart and TWICE is one of them.

Their first case of desperation to get on the Hot 100 is when they released, ‘The Feels.’ The Feels was TWICE’s first english single. The Feels did NOT debut in Spotify US so they, TWICE, released remixes and discounted it to 69 cents. 


Their next desperation was their second English title, ‘Moonlight Sunrise.’ Moonlight Sunrise also had 4 remixes and was discounted. 


Twice’s next single was not prone for desperation to get on Hot 100 either. ‘Set Me Free,’ had the MOST remixes out of all three songs. There were 7 versions in total and each was discounted to 69 and some for 99 cents. I believe that TWICE released the most remixes for Set Me Free because it did NOT debut in Spotify US.