TWICE’s Hot 100 Desperation

Getting on the Billboard Hot 100 is a dream for most K-POP groups and that’s prone to TWICE as well. Twice has been on a journey to get on the Hot 100 and having a solid US fanbase ever since 2021 and to an extent, 2020.

How to get on the Hot 100 is by having streams, sales, and radioplay in the US. Most K-POP groups cannot rely on radioplay since US radio stations don’t play songs in Korean. So mass-buying is probably the best way to get into the Hot 100.  

Adding remixes for songs also counts towards the Billboard Hot 100. A lot of K-POP groups and artists in general uses remixes to try get fans to buy them in order to top the chart and TWICE is one of them.

Their first case of desperation to get on the Hot 100 is when they released, ‘The Feels.’ The Feels was TWICE’s first english single. The Feels did NOT debut in Spotify US so they, TWICE, released remixes and discounted it to 69 cents. 


Their next desperation was their second English title, ‘Moonlight Sunrise.’ Moonlight Sunrise also had 4 remixes and was discounted. 


Twice’s next single was not prone for desperation to get on Hot 100 either. ‘Set Me Free,’ had the MOST remixes out of all three songs. There were 7 versions in total and each was discounted to 69 and some for 99 cents. I believe that TWICE released the most remixes for Set Me Free because it did NOT debut in Spotify US. 

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Ladyboy lisa

Changbinstones 🤣🤣🤣 u just setting up Stray Kids. They never enter hot 100 even with all the mediaplay as next BTS 😂😂😂

Shu yan

He already had a successful solo and by the way its augustd who is coming back


His solo already have like twice time debut streams than skz on spotify lmao.


the “mediaplay” in question being a few articles trying to get engagement💀

mother dozen

changbinstoes you need to get a job omg😭 you’ve written up so many of these posts targeting twice, the 10 or 15 minutes it takes to do so could have been spent submitting job applications.

also, if you’re a stay, you’re annoying, but why do i feel like you’re actually a blink using a skz member to divert hate from bp? aside from the fact that mostly armys and blinks frequent this site, most of the posts you’ve written have been directly after onces and blinks fighting like when you wrote about twice not selling out their concerts after there was a fanwar over bp’s state de france not selling out. then the “downfall of twice” post was after there was a fanwar over their stadium venues and blinks started dragging twice over ifpi results. it just clicks too perfectly to not be suspicious!

just admit it

they probably are a dirty blinky


They outsold blackpink too😭😭


Yeah, its cleary a set up since that user never translate anything about SKZ achievement at all

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

twice is still the it Kpop GG on the west. yo are just butthurt because your fav can’t top their achivements. lol


Wait twice has NEVER been in hot100? That’s crazy considering top GGs seem to get in easy


they’ve had multiple hot 100 entries. This user is just a miserable loser


you’re not very bright, are you?

Last edited 7 months ago by binnie

Oh ok that’s weird the admin should screen or ppl won’t come here if it’s just blatant lies

Ladyboy lisa

No that’s stray kids 😭


Trust CHANGBINSTOES to be at the scene of the crime whenever there’s a “bad” (user) post about TWICE lmao. Who would’ve thought musicians actually look forward to their work taking on bigger waves instead of being complacent, no? 

I’d say TWICE’s efforts haven’t been in vain since they had 2 whole Hot100 entries. Cause what even is the point of this? Shouldn’t you be worrying about Stray Kids instead of being in TWICE & ONCE’s business? 

We need to bring back shameee fr

Last edited 7 months ago by stfu bitch

I think its working for twice because they are the one after BTS got to have stadium date in US. Definitely more US kpop fans hardcore stanning them.


Someone take CHANGBINSTOES it’s getting tired😮‍💨


Twice still sold the most (pure sales) albums in the us and is the first girl group from kpop to sell out a stadium!
They didn’t have to release 17 versions + 163662 versions during the first week to get #1 on bb200 or mediplay they way into “the biggest gg in the world” meanwhile they stayed true to themselves and got all those records when others were convincing people twice would never be popular in the west due to their cute concept. THEY ARE ALSO AT THEIR 8th year and still doing amazing.
Twice is fine don’t worry


They get mediaplayed as the biggest gg in the US and yet are unable to enter any streaming charts lol


They can’t even top US iTunes.😂 Set Me Free got multiple remixes but failed to chart in Billboard Hot 100, they barely crack Bubbling Under lol


yet they can’t even top US iTunes which is easy for the supposed “biggest gg in the US”.. Twice can’t even top the streaming charts in the US. Can’t chart Hot 100 without English song with multiple remixes. Y’all keep bragging that fraudulent album sales with 7K units from streaming. Embarrassing.💀


more like changbintoes obsession with twice
worry about ugly musty changbin

Last edited 7 months ago by Settra

changbin >>>


you’re stay right? I don’t understand why you hate twice when both of em is under jyp. You better silent, skz and stay are trash cuz the members and fans are both choose to be blind and defend school-bully


he was proven innocent, worry about chaeyoung wearing a nazi shirt💀


when? you read misleading thread from twitter? he even apologized which means it’s true😂 I don’t care about twice, I just found it funny cuz all of kpop fans I met always support groups from the same company

lili lover

atp Changbinstones is a twice fan cause there’s no way a non-fan would be this informed about a group they don’t like


Twice keep flopping on the charts for one reason and one reason only. Jeongyeon is an ugly fatty. How can anyone stream their songs with her ugly face in group? Twice will be better without her.


Are you stupid? I woder if you really enjoy music


Changbinstones at the crime scene’s giving loser behavior


trust me changbinstones is blink not stay, he used the same artist name from twice company to black sheep them. blink is another level of loser


Didn’t Changbinstone also post about Jihyo and Nayeon akgaes fanwars? I don’t think Blinks give a shit about them. They are busy dealing with BP’s 4 subfandoms


You have made four articles about the girls it’s honestly fan behavior at this point if anything you should write an article on how twice gave your faves a career


Is CHANGBINSTOES really talking about DESPERATION? 😲😲


Who has this much time to be a Thrice? You might as well become a fan with the amount of dedicated hatred towards Twice that you’re pushing Changbin’sToes.


Please get a life… this is getting scary


Is CHANGBINSTOES a member of the infamous “slave room”???? if you look through the profile all of the articles are about Twice hate articles. Keep barking haters, no matter how much you wrote bad things about Twice, they keep slaying honey.


user changbinstones,,, your house will blow up soon


The jealousy this user has of Twice is insane.

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