TWICE’s new song ‘SET ME FREE’ ranking trend on Melon daily chart

83 – 101

1. They made a comeback?

2. The rap part is so weird

3. I can’t even listen to this song because it’s so boring

4. When they perform on music shows, the ranking goes up

5. I just don’t like the song, the rap part is really weird

6. But the people around me (muggles) don’t even know that TWICE just released a new song

7. Honestly, it’s been 9 years but their rapping skills are still bad, I think they don’t practice rapping

8. I don’t think the public has any expectations for TWICE anymore

9. But their achievements overseas are good

10. Except for the rap part… I find the beat and intro especially good

11. I think bright and energetic songs are the best for TWICE

12. Am I the only one who likes this song?

13. I usually listen to ‘Talk That Talk’ because I like it, but this song is so disappointing

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Biggest gg in the west, who cares about sk


which part of west?


saw on twitter they’re not on spotify worldwide today.


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that why they obsessed to beat blackpink with ‘pure sales’ because they cant beat blackpink with stream and bbhot100


they cant even top bp in bbhot100, so bb200 is their only pride to boast here and there. last time their fans drag bp for daesang, but now not even their daesang could make korean excited for their song and failed to get no1 on the most easiest kchart Bugs


Onces said that they were aiming for international success and they barely managed to get 1milion Spotify stream for song.

So sad to see Twice downfall


And we got 1 million streams for the song on Spotify…and all other besides also got more than 600k+ streams. Our performance was better than previous one. So don’t go around talking nonsense.


1 million stream? it’s bad tho compare to jhope and nj. and twice new song left the worldwide chart on day 2 meaning the song has even lower stream than day 1. Newjeans Ditto and Omg still get 2 million per song daily. Blackpink bsides stream was higher than twice’s title song. ‘Our performance is better’ is showing how low you guys focus on streaming compare to physical sales. To chart in bbhot100 streaming and digital performance should be higher. That’s why youtube spotify apple music itunes shazam among important key factor to chart on bbhot100. If you guys stay in bb200 then just same as nct straykids ‘western achievements’


you flopped πŸ˜‚

Saint Seungri

flop me free πŸ™‚ tvice is over since 2020, too many rookies gg, no one interesting anymore old milfs, just look at jeongyeon lol facepalm

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wtf you always bad mouthing JY? what she did wrong to you though? do you think you have a better life than her? i doubt that cz all you do just talking shit.


Another case of JYP ruining a hit gg with western obsession. Twice should’ve played into their charms longer with colorpop and point choreo. Imagine if they gave us another Fancy era.

Their newer songs don’t match their vocal tone, or really have much of an identity. I don’t even know what their “sound” is anymore since their title tracks flip flop a lot.


jyp was obsessed with the west. they should stop releasing song on friday at 2pm kst. just because twice charted on bb200 doesn’t mean they have big fandom. right now their achievements are on the same level as stray kids nct and txt, have high sales but lower stream and struggling to enter bbhot100. bbhot100 is the most important chart to measure the song success. The can get chart which only counted the whole album, but failed for single song. Jyp should learn to balance Twice popularity internationally and domestically.




Yes and twice should be just like other 3rd generation ggs that do some solo activities. Nayeon’s solo was doing well. Other members can try different things too. Korean members focus on promotion in sk individually and Japanese members in Japan. And they don’t need to comeback so frequently gp lost interest in them already. One/two comebacks focus on sk promotions is enough. Spare more time for solo activities

Saint Seungri

They cant solo, only nayeon πŸ™‚ its x8 flop, maybe except jihyo


Their jline already had unit, I believe they slowly expanding their individual influence.

spicy spice

gp’s interest towards twice already vanished since they left their colorpop concept thou. why so surprised?


they needa stop letting dahyun rap, i’m sorry but she’s not cut out for it and her raps always throw off their songs for me

Saint Seungri

ye she is useless + ugly πŸ™‚


They should’ve just stopped rapping. They’re terrible at it.


Someone tell them not all songs need a rap verse

Saint Seungri

Especialy from two goblins πŸ™‚

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Tell that to miss “bitch i’m a star but no patrick”




Seeing how you are really taking melon fruit app as your consideration of how popular a grp is astonishing. Well keep hating meanwhile I will keep on streaming twice even if they release a song each and everyday.

Saint Seungri

Sick zombie πŸ™‚


Talking about your criminal fave…


Momo and Chaeyoung was enough for the rap verse. They shouldn’t have let dahyun do it honestly. She should have only taken singing parts. She sound better in that. The song is a bop ngl. Just that rap somehow makes the whole listening experience worse. But looking at international charts they are still doing pretty fine. I mean their songs are literally splitted into kor and eng versions and I don’t know why their company is only playlisting their eng one. When they should have been doing it for kor one. That seems like the major fault why the streams are splitted. So their fans need not to worry. Just stream their songs to the fullest and enjoy every bit of it. Twice will get reward for it at the end don’t worry. Just do your bit and don’t panic unnecessary.
I personally liked got the thrills alot. Jyp should have made this their title or pre release. Like this song had the potential of being the chart breaker.

We Had Twosome TWICE 😘

Better than unranked at all, unlike others. As expected of ultimate girl group unnies.

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