TWICE’s new song ‘SET ME FREE’ ranking trend on Melon daily chart

83 – 101

1. They made a comeback?

2. The rap part is so weird

3. I can’t even listen to this song because it’s so boring

4. When they perform on music shows, the ranking goes up

5. I just don’t like the song, the rap part is really weird

6. But the people around me (muggles) don’t even know that TWICE just released a new song

7. Honestly, it’s been 9 years but their rapping skills are still bad, I think they don’t practice rapping

8. I don’t think the public has any expectations for TWICE anymore

9. But their achievements overseas are good

10. Except for the rap part… I find the beat and intro especially good

11. I think bright and energetic songs are the best for TWICE

12. Am I the only one who likes this song?

13. I usually listen to ‘Talk That Talk’ because I like it, but this song is so disappointing

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