TWICE’s Sana appointed as the brand ambassador for an ultra luxury brand Graff

Minatozaki Sana from Twice has been announced as the first ever japanese brand ambassador for the ultra luxury jewellery brand Graff.

“Graff is a British multinational jeweller based in London. It was founded by British jeweller Laurence Graff in 1960. A vertically integrated company, Graff operations comprise the design, manufacture and retail distribution of jewellery and watches.”

Graff is also an ultra luxury high end brand on the top of most luxury brands.  Specialised in diamonds and watches the brand also is a maker of world’s most expensive watch.

Graff is also one of the biggest diamond jewelers in the world. 

Graff’s CEO has also shared his thoughts on appointing Sana as a brand ambassador for his brand.

Moreover, onces are looking forward to this deal. Sana as usual is looking extra stunning wearing Graff’s absolutely beautiful pieces.  Fans are super thrilled to see Sana as a brand ambassador for this super luxurious brand mostly affordable by millionaires and billionaires.

Check out more of Graff×Sana from these links.

Also do checkout Misamo upcoming subunit debut on 26th July 2023! 

All the best for Twice’ group and solo activities in future. And congratulations to the girls for pulling a huge crowd in the USA for their concert!!! Twice concerts are truly once in a lifetime opportunities.

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She is playing on another level. The thing which was the pride among blinks got destroyed by her with this deal. Damn. This is why it is said to never underestimate anyone. Blinks and other kpoppers with knetz were dragging twice calling they are not someone made for luxury brand. But oops Sana just secured a brand which is like on another league among other luxury brand. Even those ba must be dreaming about buying something from here but Sana is literally wearing it. Sana karma hit harder. She hit where it hurted more to her antis. Congratulations you totally deserve it!


Onces enjoying their faves achievements without mentioning blackpink challenge failed


Actually…we just payed you guys back for the things you have been hurling towards Sana unprovoked. I know it’s hurting you too much rn. But this is just a Sana Karma.


Onces mentioned Blinks not Blackpink tho. Why? Are you still delusional being one of Blackpink’s member?


She suits the brand very well. Hope she will get one for clothing too


Prada should now follow the lead and secure her before someone else does it. Seeing how she has already got luxury makeup brand like ysl and ultimate luxury jewelry brand like Graff pretty sure many other luxury clothing brand are looking at her way rn for securing her.


Broke people will definitely say this. Because this is the brand that caters to billionaires and millionaires not some mosquito like you.


And onces are broke thats why their album and concert sold at 3$


Give me that 3 dollars receipts then or you are just making stories up cause you ain’t got nothing on them.


Good for her

blinks need to shut the fuck up actually

face card never declines


i will be like her someday

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